Masturbation is one of those things that all men seem to think they’re pros at. While we’ve all been doing it since we were around age 13 or so, though, that doesn’t mean we know all the glory that masturbation can bring. Sure, whatever feels best for you is important, but there’s so much more that playing with yourself can bring, you just need to understand unique (and creative) ways to get yourself off.

As we’ve mentioned millions of times before — OK, maybe not that many, but still, a lot — masturbation is 100 percent normal and healthy. It might get a bad rap at times, but it’s something that has lots of benefits, so don’t be shy in stroking your willy and making sure everything’s working right down there for you.

Thing is, too many guys only stick to masturbating the exact same way every single time they do it. What fun is that? Today, we explore those aforementioned unique ways to masturbate, which will provide a new way of blowing your load, and, more importantly, allow yourself to discover a few new things you may want to try in your bedroom — whether alone or with someone.

Don’t just focus on your penis

We’re not saying you need to touch every single inch of your body, but, too often, men think masturbation is only about their penis.


Rather than just play with the tip and stroke yourself, remember that there are other trigger areas on your body that can give some serious pleasure. Yep, just like those times a girl softly strokes the side of your body, plays with your neck or grabs your ass, you should be thinking about doing this with yourself as well. Our bodies have lots of sensitive areas, don’t discriminate just because you’re by yourself.

Live out your fantasies

Whether you’re watching porn or just visualizing something in your mind, the key to masturbating is about living out your fantasies — so don’t hold yourself back now!

If one of your fantasies is to fuck two girls at the same time and be dominated, put your best foot forward and literally act that out while playing with yourself. This can mean watching porn and/or getting those dirty thoughts brewing in your mind, then slapping your ass, rubbing different parts of your body and, yeah, even talking dirty out loud.

Teasing is encouraged

During masturbation, have you ever just driven yourself crazy? It’s not something guys do often, but, trust us, when you do it, it’ll only make the entire experience that much better, allowing your body feel aroused.

Sure, most masturbation sessions consist of a quick rub in the shower or early in the morning in bed, but don’t be victim of doing that all the time. Make sure that, while watching porn, you’re getting yourself to a point of ejaculation before pulling back the touch. Those feelings you get during actual sex will be triggered.

Change up positions

There are some guys who only masturbate when in the shower. Others prefer doing it from their couch or bed while watching porn. Whatever your preference, remember that there are multiple positions and spots for you to try.

For example, if you’re a shower masturbator who only does it while standing up, you might want to try doing it while laying in bed. Another thing to try is ditching your hand and the lotion and thrusting your penis against something like your bedsheets. Yes, we’re telling you it’s OK to fuck your bed; kinda.

Sex toys can be fun

Sex toys might be thought about for real sex — like ribbed condoms or vibrators — but they can also be used while masturbating, gents. We all know about some of the solo sex toys guys can get for themselves, so it’s important to understand that, you know, they exist for a reason.

Some guys think that using sex toys for masturbation might be strange, those guys would be very wrong.