The final installation of this list! I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with characters for my Cosplay Wishlist, they are all characters I like and inspire me, as well as having different levels of difficulty for the actual cosplay part. There are however tons of characters I would love to cosplay, and I will be adding to this list in the near future! I can’t wait however to show you the results of my new journey!!

Girls und Panzer – Miho Nishizumi : Girls und Panzer is one of the more recent animes that I have adored. I have to admit I haven’t really kept up to season with anime recently, but I remember last year when watching this I found myself really looking forward to it. The story is fairly random, the characters more cliched but loveable. I just love the idea that for a girl to become a good, desirable woman who stands up in society she should learn the art of Tank-endo! Characters wise, I haven’t really decided who out of the series to cosplay as because I love all of them so much!


Star Wars – Rebel Pilot: I saw this when I was scrolling through the illustrations page on Shunya Yamashita’s twitter, and I sort of fell in love with the costume. Rebel pilot is all I could find of the girl on the internet, and I’m not very knowledgeable on Star Wars but I certainly don’t remember her. I remember always having a thing for pilot style jumpsuits, back when I was younger and saw a helicopter jumpsuit for sale in a car-boot sale (but my parents didn’t let me buy it). I also like her helmet and, is that a lightsaber?! I think she needs more grease/oil stains though…

1koto Jaina Solo

Marvel – Black Widow: I remember that Black Widow was the cosplay I had in mind when I bought my first ever wig. It was also one of the first cosplays I did, wearing it to a small event held at my local comic book store. Black Widow can be an easy one to cosplay, because she only really wears black. However I want to upgrade my cosplay skills, and not just go for the basics. I think what makes a cosplay great, is the attention to little details. You can really do that with Black Widow and it can be really effective!


Shunya Yamashita – Shii Arisugawa: Shii is more like a bonus cosplay I want to do. I don’t think she’s ever had her own anime, manga, comic or video game. I know she’s part of a series of “Artworks” by Shunya Yamashita, and they were made into busts and full figurines which are now highly collectable. I also know that I love her look, the pigtails and glasses, the sailor top and the stripy blue panties. So cute! How could I resist? Oh and she a sword!! Maybe I can do a parody film cosplaying her, since I can’t find any other information, I’ll make up my own story! Although knowing my videos, it might get very naughty…