Call a Hot Jedi Phone Sex Line, You Will, After Watching Playboy’s Absurd Fake Ad

Jedi parody phone sex line

I never knew Playboy had such a humorous streak, but I have to admit after watching their Star Wars Sex Line spoof, I went ahead and watched about 5 more videos on their channel. I really want to try doing something like that myself, but production wise I don’t think it’s possible. I guess if it’s a phone sex line, I could just tell people I’m dressed as Jaba the Hut?

Would YOU ‘d*ckorate’ your manhood? Bizarre new sex trend gives you a pretty penis

For the festive season, why not dress up your penis. I think these condoms are cute and the idea is fun. However I once used a glow in the dark condom and it was very distracting. I’m not sure if I would be able to stop giggling at designer dicks. Still, I wouldn’t mind if I found these in my stockings.

At sex toy shop, South Korean women seek to shatter taboos

Living in London I forget that in many places women’s sexuality is still seen negatively. There are many countries who fear female sexual empowerment, because they’ve live in a world where it was unheard of. But I can assure everyone that female pleasure will not cause the end of the world. If anything, it will make it a much happier place. Viva La Dildos!

Nottingham named as the UK’s ‘sex capital’ for students

I think I’ve been to Nottingham once, and I didn’t really see that many horny students. I am surprised that i’ve never heard of, but then I suppose there are so many people in London you don’t really need to use a hook-up site like that, when things like Tinder work so well already. Also I have a thing for older guys so I don’t really date guys at uni anyway.