Following on from our big robot-sex survey and my visit to the RealDoll factory where I met Harmony, the world’s most advanced AI sex-robot, we decided to explore the reasons why men would want a sex-robot. We conducted a survey of over 500 men and it turns out the reasons for wanted to own a sex-robot are diverse.

Top 10 reasons why men want sex-robots - infographicThe top 3 reasons for wanting to buy a sex-robot were all sexual. I guess this should come as no surprise. It is what they’re built for. It’s their primary purpose.

The top reason of course being to have regular sex. Over two thirds of men that took part in this survey were single men so that shouldn’t come as a surprise. But actually this was also the top reason for men in relationships and even married men.

No matter what type of man you are, the lure of regular sex is the most important reason why you’d want a sex robot. That said, 33% of men did not list this as a reason at all. So many men already see more potential in sex-robots than their most obvious function.

The second most popular reason was to live out fantasies you cannot do in the real world. This response can sound a little creepy depending on how deeply you think about it. We like to think that it can be difficult for some people to talk openly about their various fetishes out of fear of rejection or embarrassment. Living out your fantasies with a sex-robot is a lot more straight forward.

And of course, the next most popular reason for wanting a sex-robot is to have a girlfriend with amazing sex-skills. Though older men were much less motivated by this reason.

Top 10 reasons why men want sex-robots - infographicFeeling shy

Next up is shyness around girls. 31% of men said this would be a big motivation for getting a sex-bot. This can affect anyone, even the most attractive men out there.

The surprising thing is that the shyness factor didn’t change as men got older which suggests that being shy around the opposite sex affects men of all ages and that confidence doesn’t come with age as many people assume.

Although unsurprisingly, virgins and men that had few sexual partners were way more likely to say shyness around girls is a motivation for wanting a sex robot.

One of the sadder reasons why many men would want a sex robot is because they want a girl that will never let them down. We don’t know what has happened to make 31% of men feel this way but clearly there are a lot of hurt guys out there that are happy would be happy to avoid the risk of pain that a relationship can bring by getting a sex-robot.


Top 10 reasons why men want sex-robots - infographicAll of the next three reasons for wanting a sex-robot were loneliness related. It’s a huge reason why men want sex-robots and comes in several flavours. The most obvious being loneliness itself. Everyone has felt lonely at some point in their lives. It’s not a good feeling at all and if a sex-robot can help with this then that can only be a good thing.

Top 10 reasons why men want sex-robots - infographicThe more curious statistic was that many men wanted a sex-robot because they want a partner that will always listen to them. Even many married men or men in relationships wanted a sex robot for this reason.

It’s not clear if the men what these men are saying is worth listening too. But we did find that men that wanted partners to always listen to them generally had less sexual partners and were more likely to be seeking regular sex. The lesson might be to talk less if you want more sex.

The eighth most popular reason for wanting a sex-robot was simply for friendship. Generally men that expressed this as a reason also wanted regular sex and described themselves as lonely and shy. To us it suggests that for many men friendship, loneliness and sex are all interlinked.

Top 10 reasons why men want sex-robots - infographicThe final two reasons wanting a sex-robot in our top ten list are really quite different. At number nice it’s because they just have to have the latest gadgets.

The interesting thing is that this was a stronger factor for older men than younger men. And it’s usually younger men that we think of as gadget obsessed. There’s no denying that a sex-robot would be brilliant for technology enthusiasts to have around even if they didn’t actually have sex with her.

And the final reason for wanting a sex robot is that of perfection. It seems many men just can’t find the perfect partner, someone that ticks all their boxes.

We wonder if this means too many people are searching for that perfect Hollywood style airbrushed romance and are too unwilling to compromise. But I guess if a sex-robot can step in and fill that gap, and it makes them happy then everything is good.

To see the full results of the survey with more results than just the top ten, scroll to the bottom of the full infographic.

Top 10 reasons why men want sex-robots - infographic