There are plenty of movies out there that get sequels that just, honestly…truthfully…really don’t deserve them. Fast and Furious, anyone?

Anyway, here’s’s top five movies that deserve a sequel.

Ex Machina


Incredible. Like…woah good. This one is already an absolute classic, and holds the viewer on the edge of their seat throughout.

It brings the issues surrounding AI innovation to life with a lowly tech employee (Domhnall Gleeson), an insanely intelligent inventor (Oscar Isaac) and an exceptional humanoid robot (Ava) played by the ever-talented, Alicia Vikander who completely knocks her role out of the park.

The director, Alex Garland has (unfortunately) totally ruled out a sequel, and while we’re aware that it can stand alone, the prospect of a future beyond this universe is utterly fascinating not to explore any further. Like…seriously, we’re still so into this one, many sequels should have been planned by now.

District 9


Man, not enough good things can be said here about District 9, and while the basic idea of a District 10 movie has been discussed at length, and director Neill Blomkamp apparently still intends to make it.

None of his films have since gained the cult following of this absolute beauty of a production. The aliens in this weird, alternative Johannesburg were captivating in the way that they pulled the viewer to question their moral standing on immigration, and the density of the population. Intense stuff, for sure.



This is just wonderful. Probably the most lighthearted film on our list. It’s a teen movie classic, the perfect blend of classic romance, proper storytelling and mid-90s feel-good vibes.

Alicia Silverstone was incredible as Cher in this, and the concept as a whole would work great as a postmillenial-style sequel, referencing things like Tinder and Snapchat instead of brick cellphones. That’d be totes amaze.

The Goonies


There’s arguably no greater 80s classic than The Goonies. The Steven Spielberg-produced film has a cult following, and an ageless feel about it.

A band of pre-teens who live in the “Goon Docks” of Oregon (US) attempt to save their homes from demolition, and, weirdly enough discover an old Spanish map that leads them on an adventure to unearth the long-lost fortune of a 17th-century pirate naturally. Goonies never die!



Spike Jonze’s Her is another pick of ours that involves a relationship between a man and his (female?) A.I. (gotta love those robots), in this case, an operating system that can learn and actually achieves consciousness.

Sounds cool, huh? Here, Joaquin Phoenix stars as Theodore, a man leading an increasingly lonely life, who finds himself falling in love with this A.I., Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

The characters even have a form of intercourse, which is odd, but kinda sensual. Eventually, Samantha’s intellect moves beyond Theodore’s and she leaves him, and that leaves us wondering: what next? Do they come back and enslave humanity? Hmmm.

Did we miss any, drop us your thoughts in the comments section?