Terminator 6 is set to hit theaters in November, 2019, but, since it’s one of those movie franchises that knows how to get attention, the anticipation is on everyone’s minds. So when the first pictures of Linda Hamilton from the set hit the Internet today, people freaked out.

For those unfamiliar, Hamilton is reprising her role as Sarah Connor from the original Terminator movies way back when for Terminator 6, and, as the pictures below show, she looks pretty badass for whatever she’ll be doing in the film. Take a look at what the first pics from set looked like.

The pictures come on the heals of director James Cameron and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger teasing the idea that Hamilton would rejoin the case of Terminator 6. And, now that it’s a reality and not just some rumor, it’s pretty awesome — and we’ve got a good feeling Sarah Connor will be kicking some serious ass in the film.

In addition to the pics of Linda Hamilton, photographers caught Mackenzie Davis on the set of Terminator 6, too, who looks just as badass when compared to Hamilton. The 31-year-old Davis is best-known for her role as Cameron Howe in the TV series, Halt and Catch Fire, so we’re excited to see what she brings to Terminator 6.

Although there aren’t many details out about the plot of Terminator 6, director James Cameron did talk to Hollywood Reporter about his vision for the latest addition to the sci-fi series, saying the new movie is “a continuation of the story from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. And we’re pretending the other films were a bad dream.” Anyone else itching to see exactly what that means? We definitely are.

With the flick still in the early stages of filming, we won’t know for sure until everything’s complete and we keep getting updates. That said, we’ll be counting down the days till Terminator 6 hits theaters, and we’ve got a good feeling it’ll deliver on wild action like the others have.