Custom sex dolls are beginning to be more and more popular in the sex community, and, thanks to a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign from AWV Reality, you can make your very own sex doll — and it’s all done virtually. Sound pretty cool? Yeah, well keep on reading for more info.

According to AWV Reality’s website, the custom sex dolls and virtual reality project has officially launched, and it’ll give users an opportunity to have some fun while building his perfect woman. Here’s how the site describes the mission:

Adult Web Virtual Reality is a porn experience that takes porn to the next level. It’s not just visual, it’s customizable. You can enjoy your avatar in various themed clubs, bring your sexual dreams to life and experience your fantasies. Be free to be yourself and cum along with us on an incredible journey of sexual exploration.

So, for example, not only can you create a character for you to watch have sex, but you can imagine one for yourself to be a stud and make his way through clubs and sexual fantasies to live out your dreams. This quick video of the project shows how it all works — and it looks pretty simple to maneuver.

Looking for $500,000 worth of backing, the Indiegogo project is still in the infant stages. That said, here’s a further description of the idea, which makes it sound as if it’s something that all us sex lovers should want to donate to.

Customizable Adult Entertainment! This is your ultimate playground. This platform, along with associated toys, wearables and virtual reality, allows you to enjoy the ultimate adult entertainment experience.

Build your own playmate by customizing:

  • Overall shape
  • Hair and facial features
  • Breast/chest
  • Genitalia and much more

Then take your avatar to one of our virtual clubs. Even create an avatar of yourself so that you can interact with your customized playmate directly.

The summary of the project goes on to explain that it’s AWV’s goal to offer people the freedom to express themselves, noting that not everyone can experience a “personalized fantasy on an everyday basis,” but, with the help of this AWV Reality, it is possible. It’s an interesting take on all the sex tech that’s been hitting the market in the past couple of years, so let’s see if it’s something unique that will catch on, or just be another idea that people overlook. We’re hoping it’s the former and not the latter, because this is pretty cool.

To find out more info about the Indiegogo project, click here.

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(H/T AWV Reality)