A sex shop in Perth, Australia is out $600 worth of high-end dildos after three girls came into the store and highjacked the sex toys this past Sunday, with video cameras catching the sexy thieves enter the sex shop and getaway with “high-end vibrators inside their clothes.”

According to The Sun, one woman was even bold enough to, allegedly, remove the packaging from four of the best-selling dildos in the sex shop, hiding them in her high-waisted pants and crop top before making off with them. Reports even suggest she did so while an employee was nearby, helping another customer. Mad respect for the attempt, but, sorry girls, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to get caught thanks to the surveillance camera footage.

The owner of the sex shop, a man named Garry Smith, revealed that one of the high-end dildos that one of the girls made off with is valued at a remarkable $280. That would be the Come Hither Rabbit sex toy, which is one of the most popular dildos on the market for girls.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Smith mentioned how this type of shoplifting is actually commonplace for his sex shop, which is called “Libido”. In fact, in the same article, the sex shop owner claims that he loses about $2,500 in goods every six months, which has prompted him to offer a $50 voucher to anyone who can identify these latest thieves.

“It’s just a constant issue for us. We have a lot of issues because we are one of the few retailers on the street, we’re open during night time to capture that passing trade.”

Based off of the video footage, the three girls were able to make off with three vibrators total by unpacking them in the dressing room and hiding them in their clothes. And, while the $600 worth of merchandise is a lot for Garry Smith’s sex shop to have lost in one day, it’s far below the world’s biggest sex shop toy heist, as crooks last year stole a ridiculous $58,500-worth of dildos from an erotic fair in Berlin, Germany.

Look, masturbation might be a good and healthy thing to do, but it shouldn’t come with the risk of going to jail because you’re stealing sex toys from sex shops. Come on, people, get yourselves together!

That said, as uncommon as you might think these types of crimes are, a recent study revealed that 1 in 14 girls suffer sexual distress because they don’t feel like they can control their sexual feeling, urges or behavior, so they seem to go to great lengths in order to pleasure themselves.

(H/T The Sun)