Everyone is talking about sex robots this week. Scientists have warned that sex robots could be detrimental to society. Other news this week includes Daisy Lowe’s striptease video, and Mia Khalifa’s twitter put down of football star Chad Kelly.

At this point, it’s believed that sex robots are inevitable. With VR porn more popular than ever, and showcases of VR with machines at this year’s VR sex festival in Japan, it’s not surprising that people expect fully functioning sex robots to appear soon.

The pros of sex robots is that they can do a lot more than their human counter parts. Sex robots would be programable to do an number of sexual acts. There would also be no worries about consent with a robot. Some people believe that sex robots will also help protect women who are in the sex industry from being exploited.

There are however a lot of concerns on the impact they will cause to society, especially human interaction. With the growth of technology, the need for direct human contact is lesser now than ever before. If robots can give you perfect perfect sex, why would you need to meet a human who gives you imperfect sex?

Joel Snell, a research fellow at Kirkwood College warns that using the services of sex robots could become addictive. He told Daily Star “People may become obsessed by their ever faithful, ever pleasing sex robot lovers.People will rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions.”

With current technology, these robots have not yet gotten close enough to look nor act like humans. However in the future, this problem will probably be overcome. Whether or not robots could replace humans for making emotional connections is a strange idea to me.

I believe that we as humans need connections with other people. A robot could of course be programmed to mimic human behaviour, but I think most people would feel something was different and missing from their relationship with a robot vs a human. There have already been numerous studies debating why robots can’t simply replace a human in various roles.

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Daisy Lowe’s “striptease” video goes viral on porn sites

Daisy Lowe, fashion model, is one of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing’s favourite to win. The show had record breaking viewership numbers this year, with more than 10 million on it’s opening night. Viewers however were soon shocked to find Daisy Lowe’s 2 minute video for Esquire magazine making rounds on popular porn sites.

The model has been known to do racy ad campaigns before. The star has even fully stripped for Playboy magazine.  The video in question however keeps her in her underwear. Upset viewers however compared the dance, which involved her lifting her top, to resemble a lap dance or a striptease.

Producers of the show claim they are shocked at the discovery. However surely they knew the fashion model, who has worked for lingerie brands before, would have images of her in lingerie? No response has been made as to what will happen to her on the show now.

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Mia Khalifa’s twitter takedown of Chad Kelly

Chad Kelly, who calls himself the best quarter back in the USA, recently lost in a match against Florida State’s Seminoles. He lost even more when ex-pornstar Mia Khalifa called him out on twitter for sending her DMs before the match.

Mia stated, ““I’m only following you for seminole recon to find your weaknesses before the game. Also because last chance U,” She also tweeted a picture of their DMs.

This isn’t the first time she’s exposed sports stars trying to chat her up on twitter.

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Notable in the News

Nearly half of British women cannot identify the vagina, study finds

Keith Vaz Quits As Home Affairs Committee Chair After Sex Claims

Obsessed man takes his sex doll everywhere with him in a wheelchair


  • Sex robots was a key theme in the BBC show Humans. I think VR sex with attachments (Ohmibod & Lovense & Tenga lead this market now) will thrive & real dolls will have their niche place for those with more money that they know what to do with, but marrying the two I don’t see coming into play any day soon. Unless it becomes cheap to mass produce there won’t be a future. But if the price comes down, and they figure out and lockdown the AI a little more than I can see this leading as a path to legalizing prostitution with added laws and advocates coming out of the woodwork for robot rights. Fun times in the future that millennials will need to figure out but in my lifetime I don’t see it happening.

    • Harriet Sugarcookie

      Hmm. I certainly believe they’ll be a thing. Maybe small and niche for the next ten years, but in twenty, thirty or even fifty years, I think we’ll see such leaps in technology that it’d be hard not to imagine them. Sex and porn after all lead the way for technological progress in consumer goods. I can’t see governments being against it, because it would also “solve” the prostitution problem.

      I think what we’ll see are some very advanced androids that serve the ultra rich. Then middle class robots for high class brothels, then cheap old models for the majority of places. For home use, probably something closer to VR

  • NeilW

    Sex robots – a lovely subject for sci-fi, but I have serious doubts as to whether it’s going to be a major thing in the near future in practical terms. I know there are lots of lonely people out there, but how many of them will see this as their answer, and how many of those have the cash to fund it? Having said that, I don’t follow this stuff very closely so I may be way off. I think I’m agreeing with MrNY2Cali, but I’m not 100% sure! :D

    Daisy Lowe – she is a bonny lass, in’t she? Why are people always surprised that women who make a living from selling their sex appeal, er, sell their sex appeal? Seems self-fulfilling and obvious to me.

    Mia Khalifa and some bloke – this is marginally more interesting than the Khardashians, but not by much. Who is this bloke, why should I care, why is he such an idiot, why should she bother publicly slut-shaming him?

    Where’s my fanny? (UK version) – if it’s true, this is very worrying. It would be interesting to know the socio-economic breakdown of these women. I feel sure that the location of your vagina should be covered in sex education at school so, unless and awful lot of girls aren’t paying attention, this puzzles me. PS, for any ladies out there who need help finding their vaginas, I am prepared to help for a small fee. OK, I’ll waive the fee.

    Keith Vaz – I couldn’t care less what Vaz gets up to in his private life, other than the fact that he sits in judgement over me (and the rest of the country) on the very matters in which he indulges himself. That makes him a stinking hypocrite and I’m glad his star has finally fallen. I always thought he was up himself. Turns out it was actually rent boys who were up him.

    Sex doll in wheelchair – I feel sorry for this chap (although, if it makes him happy, then fair enough). I do feel that people may think he’s pushing a corpse around.

    • Harriet Sugarcookie

      The issue with the vagina thing isn’t that they don’t know where it is, they just can’t label all the parts on a medical diagram. For men, it’s pretty easy. Here’s the foreskin, the penis and the testicles. They’re all hanging out, so to speak. But most people don’t realise that the vulva isn’t a brand of car, and in fact the entrance to the vagina (therefor not actually the vagina) and believe it or not a lot of people still aren’t sure between the difference of the clitoris and the urethra

      • NeilW

        I despair at the number of people who think the vagina is the visible bit. Maybe you could do a blog on female anatomy? You might be doing a service to a chunk of womankind?

  • Sean G. Work

    I think the most reliable way to tell how dominant a technology will be is to see how many people are looking forward to the day they can use that technology. I’m looking forward to self-driving cars and mass solar power. If someone invented a robot that would do my housework I would want one. I don’t want to have sex with a robot. I don’t know anyone who says they want to have sex with a robot. Every time I hear people talk about robot sex, they treat it as something other people would want, not themselves. I don’t think sex robots will be popular.

    I have three predictions about sex robots. First, only a small subculture of machine sex fetishists, as well as the guys who currently buy realdolls, will be interested in sex robots. Second, if robots are ever sophisticated enough to pass as humans undetected at least some unscrupulous people will use sex robots for catfishing and blackmail schemes. Third, if AIs become sentient it’s possible some of them will occasionally fall in love with humans and use robotic bodies to consummate the relationship, but there are also a lot of reasons this might not happen.