Mia Khalifa has long been one of those girls that is so hard to look away from. Whether it was during her days as an adult star, making us blush at all the wild things she did on camera, or giving her sassy hot takes on social media, the girl is someone we think we’d really get along with. And her hot Instagram account is one reason why we wish she’d hang with us as often as possible.

That’s because, well, to be blunt, Mia Khalifa just seems to tickle our fancy with the things she posts, never holding back for the good of the content. And one of her most recent pictures is so sexy that it’s hard not to stare for a long, long time.

Sure, everything Mia Khalifa does might seem like it’s hot, but the aforementioned recent pic goes next level, with the busty brunette slipping a hot dog between her cleavage and getting a messy with some mustard. It’s hot, it’s tempting, it’s flirty and it’s exactly why we adore this girl so much. Take a look below.

Of course, that little sensual pic of Mia above isn’t the only thing she’s been known to post to rev our engines. If that were the case, would we really crush on her as much as we do? Probably, but, still, she knows what we like to look at.

For those who need a little bit more Mia Khalifa to scratch your itch of sexy girls today, take a look at some of our favorite pics from her extremely hot Instagram account. Man, we could look at these all day and night!

Mia’s as talented as they come and one of the sexiest girls out there, so all of this hotness makes us wish she posted even more frequently than she already does. C’mon, Mia, isn’t it the season of giving? Give us more, please.

Anyway, it’s pretty wild that Mia Khalifa has over 11.7 million followers on her hot Instagram account, but, hey, it’s only proof that everyone really likes what she regularly posts, right? For those who aren’t yet on the Mia train quite yet, it might be time to do yourself a favor and start following her, too, because, as the pics above show, the former adult star never disappoints when it comes to bringing A+ sex appeal.