I remember coming across Nora Segura’s Instagram account a couple years ago when, relatively speaking, she wasn’t yet as popular as she is now. In fact, the 5’10” Swedish-Spanish model was so accessible that we actually swapped numbers and texted a few times. Yeah, I was in that upper class once, I suppose?

In the years since Nora Segura’s Instagram first came across my feed, the stunner has definitely taken off, making a name for herself in the always competitive modeling industry. I mean, think about how many hot Instagram models are out there for a second. There’s hundreds of thousands, with every hot girl, seemingly, wanting to drop their sexiest selfies on there for people to like.

Well, Nora certainly stood out to people, because her Instagram following has surpassed 310,000 these days, and she’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Actually, one could argue she’s only getting started.

Just look at some of the hot Instagram pics that the 30-year-old Nora has recently posted. Fair warning, you may need to sit down before staring at these, ’cause they’re sexy.

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🐯Back to nature πŸ€ @girlsonglass

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Now, there’s a ton to like about Nora Segura, but, hot damn, that booty of hers is just insane. Think about it for a second, she’s gotten blessed with the good looks of both Swedes and the Spaniards, with a butt that is as perfect as can be. Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

Anyway, speaking of lucky, longtime soccer star Tim Howard certainly is for snagging Nora as his girl a few years back. He’s been able to save a lot of goals from getting past him during his days, but it was his ability to score this beauty that is most impressive. See what I did there?

If you aren’t already following Nora Segura’s hot Instagram account, it’d be really wise to start doing so now. We’re not guessing she’s going to become even more popular, we know she’s going to, so it’s best to see all her hotness now before everyone else discovers who she is. Hey, I’m just speaking from personal experience, ’cause it’s cool to see her Instagram get flooded with so many people nowadays.