Hot in the news this week is a government survey showing that nearly half of Japan’s millennials still virgins. However, looking into the study shows it isn’t a real problem, once you factor in millennials that were disqualified for the survey.

The survey claims that 42% of men and 44.2% of women aged between 18 to 34 are virgins. Japan’s low birthrate is an ongoing issue, and part of the reason the government started this survey.

However only heterosexual and unmarried singles are used in the data. That means that the real number of virgins in Japan is not simply 42% of men and 44.2% of women. It’s 42% of men and 44.2% of women that are single, heterosexual, and have never been married before. The data also seems to exclude unwed mothers and fathers.

If you take the whole population of Japanese millennial aged between 18-35, what percentage of them are married? What percentage of them are LGBT? What percentage of them are widowed or divorced, or have had a child out of wedlock? Because those millennials should be included in any survey asking “how many Japanese millennials are virgins.”

You can’t have a survey to find out how many people are virgins, then exclude the people most likely to not be virgins (i.e married couples, or single people). Another point is, the survey is looking at how many single millennials are virgins, but make no mention of millennials in ongoing relationships.

The data seems very skewered to me. Yes, Japan has a low birthrate that is causing concern. However flawed studies such as these are not going to help fix the problem. They should instead be figuring out why fewer people are getting married before 35. Or why people are only averaging one child per household.

The good news is that the Japanese government is working to increases chances for single people to meet. They organise art classes for people to draw a nude female. The hope is to help shy men become most accustomed around a woman.

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Brangelina divorce searched more than porn

Brangelina holds a special place in most people’s hearts. When it was announced that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce this Monday, the internet went into meltdown. The news was taken with as much sadness and confusion and a celebrity death.

In some ways, it can be considered a death. The death of the ideal couple, who’s public love life has been the envy of many. They represented true love to a lot of people, and now that idea is crushed. Although many claim it’s unimportant, google data shows otherwise. After it was announced, Brangelina’s divorce became the most searched thing on google. It beat the number of people searching for porn.

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Russia bans online porn…again

Russia is known to have very strict laws on pornography. And media. This week they have banned PornHub and Youporn, because they violate their policies on acceptable pornography.

Russian authorities identified more than 16,000 pieces of content that justified blocking PornHub after searching “Hentai” reports claim.

When newsite Medusa spoke to judge Vladimir Panasenko, who ruled over the ban, he commented “had something to do with children, maybe.” The original article has been taken down.

Comedians are retaliating to the ban by posting videos of themselves narrating pornography.

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