Silicon Valley startup sex scandal in the news this week as UploadVR are being sued by former employee Elizabeth Scott over alleged “kink room”, drug use and hiring of prostitutes at company events. Other news includes man shot in car with alleged prostitute, and porn as an art form. 

There’s a new Silicon Valley startup sex scandal as Elizabeth Scott is suing tech start-up UploadVR for having a hostile work environment. The papers claim that the company promotes a “boys club” vibe, including having a room designed for male employees to engage in sexual intercourse.

Said “kink room” was often found littered with underwear and used condom wrappers. Scott claims that female employees were expected to clean up the room after parties

‘Defendants Freeman and Mason circulated emails to the staff, including Plantiff, in attempts to secure ‘Samurai Girls,’ submissive, Asian women, for their trip,’ includes the complaint by Scott.

Scott was deemed to be too fat to be attractive to the male employees, but was privy to conversations from male employees about the hotness of other female employees. These conversations allegedly included comments such as having a boner after speaking, and needing to “rub on out” afterwards.

Scott claims made complaints to Editor-in-Chief Tal Blevins when he was hired in January 2017 and again on March 10. She was fired 5 days after.

Man in van with prostitute gets shot to death

Ladontes Miller, 34, from South Carolina has been found shot dead in a van where he was engaging in sexual intercourse with an alleged prostitute.

Local man call police on Friday at 9:30pm after hearing a loud bang. Miller was found in his Mazda van slumped over the front seat.

The woman who is a “known prostitute” was found in the car covered in blood. Witness claim they tried to remove her from the vehicle when they found her and the dead body. She refused, locking herself in the car and proceeded to do meth in the back of the car.

When speaking to police she claims the shooter sped away afterwards. She was unable to provide much information due to the drug use.

‘The woman informed me that she had just smoked crack. As a result struggled to follow my questions with any proper mental capacity.’ reports police.

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Cosey Fanni Tutti sex art memoirs

Cosey Fanni Tutti founder of the band Throbbing Gristle has revealed the stories behind one of the most controversial art installations of the 1970s in her latest memoirs.

She produced the 1976 ICA Exhibition “Prostitution” which is still being talked about today. The installation featured photographs of herself by various magazines, ranging from high-end to low-end glamour. She portrays herself in various different ways, from sexual to sleazy.

Originally Tutti wanted to “smuggle herself into the clandestine world of pornography” but found the subject fascinating.

“It’s not a case of just laying down and opening your legs or putting a hand on your head. There’s all kinds of things that have to go on to make sure they get the shot they want, that’s appealing to the reader.” she tells Rolling Stones

The final show has over 50 images from publications she appeared in.

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