Guys, great news! I get to meet Paola Saulino this week as she is flying to Budapest to shoot some videos with me. For those of you who don’t know, Paola is an Italian actress who has done various sexual political campaigns

You might have heard of Paola Saulino. She’s been in the press a lot for her “Pompa Tour“. A political campaign related to the recent Italian Referendum. On her tour, she aims to fellate 1 million men. Her tour has taken her all over Italy and she plans to take it to America and the UK as well.

I have been following her in the news since she first announced her tour, and honestly, she’s a really inspiring woman. Many celebrities have pulled the sexual favour card to sway politics, for instance, Madonna promising blowjobs for people that voted Hillary in the previous American elections. However how many of them have actually gone through with it?

That’s why I’m so excited to be able to meet Paola Saulino. She’s coming to Budapest to meet me. I’m going to make some videos with her, and of course, share them with you all. I haven’t where to take her in Budapest yet though. I want to show her a good time!

It will be amazing to learn more about Paola. For instance, how does her Pompa Tour work? She’s already done a lot of it. I bet she’s an expert at giving blowjobs now. Would it be amazing if she could give me tips on how to give the best ever blowjob? It would also be a fantastic opportunity for me to learn a little more about Italian politics, which I think will be fascinating.Is there anything y

Is there anything you would like me to ask Paola? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram! If there are any questions you would like to ask her or perhaps videos you would like us to make together.