Foreplay before (and during) sex is one of the most important parts of the entire experience. But, for many people, they’re missing out on some of the most sensitive spots on the body, only focusing on things like the clitoris for the girl or, of course, the penis for the guy. We’re here to expand your spots, though.

In case you didn’t already know, the nipples are an extremely sensitive spot for both guys and girls. Sure, we all associate nipple foreplay with girls, as guys will pinch, lick, bite and do other things to them, but, to all the ladies out there, don’t ignore the fact that guys can get off from this as well.

Since we love hearing from our readers, we were reminded by one a few weeks ago about nipple stimulation, asking us to write about how good it feels for men. Whether you’ve tried something with your nipples during foreplay or not, here’s why guys want some stimulation on their chest, too!


Just as girls like foreplay with their nipples before sex, some guys are into something similar. So, for all you ladies out there, don’t be afraid to bite your man’s nipples to help get him off. The biting itself will set the mood, telling him you’re into a little rough action, but it also gives him a little pleasure by way of pain. Don’t overdo it, but a nice little tease will do just fine.


If you’re a bit too scared going all in by biting his nipples, don’t be afraid to use your fingers by twisting them for him. Simply put, by just twirling your finger around the outside of his nipple and twisting, it’ll get erect and feel super sensitive to him — which will lead to hormones running high.

Mix it up by sucking and flicking his nipples, too, with the extra sensation giving him a massive erection that will get him ready to insert into any and every hole you want him to.

Lightly rubbing

Not sure if he’s into such rough foreplay on the nipple area? No worries, even a light rub will make his hormones run wild. Simply put, all you need to do is use the tips of your fingers to rub around his chest and, eventually, focus on his nipples. Much like the neck area, it’ll give him chills up and down his spine, and, trust us, will lead to plenty of favorable returns for you.

Nerve-packed pleasure can lead to orgasm

It’s not the norm, but orgasm from nipple play can certainly happen — it just takes some experimenting and practice. Whether that comes from biting, twisting, light rubbing or something else, when guys get their nipples played with, it’ll give them power packed sensation all over their body, not just on their chest.

Much like a guy plays with the clitoris — by mixing up speeds and pressure — girls should follow suit with a man’s nipples, seeing what works best and listening to how he feels about the whole experience.