Nobody’s perfect, so having a few unattractive things is the norm rather than the exception. That said, there are a few things that guys continue to do in front of girls that are killing their chances at actually making (and leaving) an impression.

We all want to be attractive to the opposite sex, and show girls that we’re a balance of smart, funny, witty, handsome and confident, among other traits. That said, there’s a fine line between successfully showing those things and being the jerk who things too highly of himself. Likewise, there are personal hygiene things we all need to worry about, too, making sure we always groom ourselves properly so that girls aren’t turned off.

To make sure you put your best foot forward the next time you meet a girl, here are some of the unattractive things that are killing your chances. Trust us, you should really improve in these areas, guys, because most girls aren’t going to be too flattered by these.


We’ve mentioned this a few times before, even writing an article on codependency, so we hope it’s resonated with you that it’s time to change your ways a bit. Sure, it’s awesome to find a girl you’re interested in, she shares the same feelings and you want to spend time with her.

Problem is, when you’re texting her nonstop and only want to communicate with her, it sends some red flags to her that you might be a bit too clingy. No matter where you are in the relationship — early on, middle or serious — you’ve got to maintain a level of individualism, guys.


There’s a huge difference between being confident and being narcissistic, so make sure you know how to differentiate between the two so girls aren’t turned off. When it comes to being confident, it’s about not giving a damn about what others think about you, or accepting your flaws and being proud of your strengths.

On the contrary, narcissistic people tend to bring attention to all the good things they do, ignoring the negative most of the time by bragging about how great they are. They’re quick to praise themselves and often value vanity than anything else. Girls might confuse this with confidence at first, but will quickly be turned off once it begins to be too much.


People enjoy positivity, not someone who’s always going to be down in the dumps and complain about their job, coworkers or something else.

When a guy begins to become whiny, it’s one of those unattractive things that girls will immediately be turned off by, as the guy seems to bring the girl into the depth of whininess and unhappiness. It’s not always easy being happy, so occasional whining is going to happen — just don’t make it become a regular trait for you.


Sure, girls want to feel empowered and independent, but, at the end of the day, they want a guy who can take charge and make decisions. Whether that’s as simple as deciding on where to eat on a Friday night or something bigger, it doesn’t matter, because girls don’t want someone who’s going to be flaky.

Along the same lines, when guys lack this trait, many girls may look at him as a pushover, with him always agreeing with her and never standing his ground on certain issues — which can later lead to bigger issues in a relationship down the road.


Guys, clean yourselves! This means taking care of that after gym scent that sticks to you, all those unruly hairs that are growing in those odd places on your body and making sure you don’t look like a you’ve been stranded on a deserted island for the past few weeks.

There’s a reason why girls are most attracted to you when you’re looking your best, and it’s because you put in a little effort to look that way, so make sure you don’t turn her off by failing to practice good grooming and cleaning habits.