Some people believe that sexbots are the future. However that leaves us with the question “What are men using right now?”. In a recent survey, I discovered that 5% of men have had sex with a vacuum cleaner – meaning that they’re more popular than high end sex dolls which only 2% of men have used. 

Right now you’re probably thinking “Why a vacuum cleaner?”. What’s so sexy about a vacuum cleaner that makes men want to stick their penises in them? After a bit of digging it appears that most men who have had sex with a vacuum cleaner experimented at a young age.

Teenagers from the age of 14 have popped up all over the internet, asking for advice on whether they should try having sex with a vacuum cleaner or not. Many are asking if it stimulates the feeling of receiving a blowjob, due to the suction.What sex toys do men use? Infographic

Many teenagers resort to messing around with a vacuum cleaner because don’t have access to anything else besides their hands. When you’ve just gone through puberty and your hormones are running wild, you just want to have sex with anything. Add that to the fact sex toys are largely inaccessible to teenagers and voila.

Of course, it’s not just teenagers that enjoy the feeling of masturbating with a vacuum cleaner. Many men not only enjoy the feeling, but do it on a regular basis. The common consensus is that the suction and vibrations from a vacuum cleaner can bring on an intense orgasm that’s different to normal sex or masturbation.

It’s important to note that there’s a lot of safety issues as well. For instance, most would suggest getting an exclusive vacuum cleaner for masturbating with. Otherwise cleaning the machine before is important so that you don’t infect yourself with anything. Putting your penis in a dirty pipe is never a good idea.

Vacuum cleaners vs sex dolls

More surprising than the fact men have sex with vacuum cleaners, is probably that more men have tried using a vacuum cleaner to a sex doll. Whilst its understandable that only 2% of men have had sex with a high end sex doll, which normally cost more than $1000, only 4% of men have claimed to have sex with a cheap blow up sex doll.

Sex dolls are bought more as a joke for bachelor parties than actual sex gratification it seems. This could be due to the fact they’re made from cheap materials and don’t appeal to men sexually. Those that have money are more likely to buy a Fleshlight style sex toy.

Fleshlight and onaholes

Fleshlights and their Japanese equivalent onaholes, are very popular with men. 28% of men said they have used or continue to use these male sex toys. The reason they appeal more to men than a blow up sex doll could be because they still leave a lot to the imagination.

They normally consists of just a tube to insert your penis into. You then use your hand to move your penis in and out of the product. There’s a large variety to chose from. They come in different sizes, colour and textures. There are some that are based on celebrity vaginas.

These toys are relatively cheap and are also easy to store. Some companies also make special lube to go along with them. It’s no wonder then why they are so popular

68% of men have never used a sex toy

Don’t worry if you haven’t used a sex toy, blow up doll or even a vacuum cleaner. 68% of men have admitted to never using one. It seems the majority of men are more than happy to use their hands for masturbation.

Will this number will decrease in the future as high quality sex dolls become more affordable? What about if sex robots are built to be super realistic? There is a rise in demand for male sex toys as it’s becoming more normal to own them. Online shopping has also made buying sex toys much easier as you can do so anonymously now.