Stand up if you’ve been on a date, feel like there’s a great connection and, just when you think it’s time to go for the move to see if she’ll come back home with you, she gives you a strange sign or you overthink things and hit a speed bump. Chances are, many of you guys are standing up, because it has happened to every single guy out there before.

It’s never easy figuring out if and when a girl wants to go home with you, but, hey, we’re here to at least try to help you identify when it’s time to call a cab from the bar or restaurant and get a little naughty. We love giving sex tips, and today’s one of those topics we think every dude needs to know about.

Since sex is such a tricky thing to most people — with some girls being all about it and others being extremely picky/awkward — no guy should ever overstep boundaries. When you add in flirty girls who give off sexual signs, but have no plans to sleep with you, it can be hard to decode. That’s why you need to know these telltale signs, though, making the move to take her to the bedroom for a shag sesh.

When she jokes about (or has) her toothbrush in her purse

Yes, guys, this is actually a thing that most girls do more often than you might think. And, if/when it does, don’t think of it as an accident, no matter how innocent your date tries to play it off.

In the past, we’ve heard girls say they just “left it at their girlfriend’s house” and didn’t have time to stop home after swinging by there before the date. Other dates will say she always carries it with her for after the gym, just to stay fresh. Sure, those are all solid reasons for having a toothbrush in her purse, but, chances are, she’s really just prepping to shack at your spot.

If science is hinting towards it

There’s no denying that the first three months of a relationship are always the best, with the honeymoon phase often leading to minimal fighting, lots of laughs and even more sex. When this happens, it’s easy to base the entire relationship on the physical side of things moving forward — which is fine, but don’t expect things to last longer than about one year.

That said, when you’re working towards a real relationship that’s more than sex, if things get stale, neurochemicals in the brain will often revert back to the physical. So much for hopeless in love, right? But, hey, if it’s just a hookup relationship, so be it!

She can’t stop talking about the next date

This might not mean she’s 100 percent ready to go home and shag you, but anytime a girl is already planning future meetups with you, that typically means she’s feeling what you’re putting out there. And, if that’s the case, don’t hesitate in suggesting it might be time to grab the bill and head back to one of your places.

Flirting socially is one thing, but when you can keep that connection going in a car ride home and then, subsequently, back at your or her place, it’s a whole different ballgame. Remember, though, she must be onboard with sex and not just a little make out session.

Also, be careful about girls who are willing to have sex on the first date, as it can lead to drama in the near future — from clinginess to sending the wrong sign to, worse, her being hurt in the long run if you feel she’s more of a hookup buddy than a serious contender for a girlfriend.

When she asks to leave

OK, so this is the most obvious sign that she’s willing and ready to go home for sex. As every guy knows, sex absolutely needs to be consensual, and, when a girl says she’s ready to leave from the bar or restaurant with you, take her for her word and take her home. That said, just because she ends up back at your house doesn’t mean it’s time to rip one another’s clothes off — unless she’s giving you clear cut signs that’s the case — but, play your cards right by continuing the flirting at home and it’s (most likely) bound to happen.