Tinder has long been one of the most popular online dating apps — not that it’s the only one, though — as people use it for a variety of reasons. Some of the more prominent is for hooking up, but that may just be in our experiences? Other people are looking for attention, hoping that validation from thousands of options nearby helps get them out of some funk.

That seems like the motive behind one girl’s Tinder game, as she led a bunch of guys on a Survivor-like competition for her affection, letting them battle it out in hopes of scoring a date with her. Yes, we’re dead serious — and it’s further proof that online dating can be the absolute worst.

According to AskMen, who found some guy who was involved in the whole debacle on Twitter. He had tweeted the events, with a video of everything that happened later being posted to YouTube. Here’s the man’s recollection of how this girl fooled a dozen guys from Tinder to fight for her attention.

After thinking he was going to be ghosted by her because she was being a bit flakey, the man went on to explain that she insisted the two would chat, and meet soon. Soon thereafter is when the girl really goes to work, though, inviting him to a friend’s DJ set.

OK, so all of this is more than a red flag, but the guy sticks it out and sees where this might be going. What he got was probably more than he ever imagined would come from a random girl on Tinder. Literally, the definition of self-fulfillment, guys. Look at what this girl did.

The girl, named Natasha Aponte, didn’t stop there, though. According to the AskMen article, she had the audacity to grab the mic and, in front of all those guys, say that dudes with beer bellies, long beards, khakis and Toms shoes weren’t allowed to stay. Ouch.

And if you’re one of those people who might be wondering if this whole thing was fake — mainly because, like, really, how could a human being be so shallow and self-absorbed — here’s the video that was posted to YouTube.


This is just another (and maybe worst) example of a Tinder date gone bad. Sure, we’ve seen others where guys and girls get ghosted or find out their date looks absolutely nothing like the pictures on the online dating app, but, sheesh, to go to this type of length to get another person’s attention is pathetic.

Sadly, this is what our culture has become: a bunch of insecure, self-indulgent, selfish people who get off on humiliating others or putting people down. It’s disgusting, and has no humor at all.

Unsurprisingly, after having gone through all of that — and probably feeling humiliated AF that he was one who got played — the guy swore off the entire human civilization, saying vanity will be its ultimate demise. Man, he’s not having it at all!

There were a lot of reactions to the major stunt that this Natasha girl pulled, and, whether you’re a person who thinks this is no big deal or someone who would be pissed off for being played so badly, let’s hope karma is a bitch to that girl — because she’s got some serious issues. Someone needs to tell her to get a dog for attention or something.

(H/T AskMen)