Homemade sex toys seems to be popping up left and right — and lots of people are taking notice. While there are an abundance of sex toys out there, especially for guys, some folks are taking things to a new level by creating their own in order to live out their sexual fantasies and add some fun to the bedroom.

One of the popular places is called Deviant Designs, which, according to the website, is came to be after its founder read some BDSM stories.

“I used to read a ot of BDSM stories and some of the crazy contraptions I read about really set a fire alive in me! so now I spend a lot of my free time experimenting with different technologies trying to bring my fantasies alive.”

Just a few weeks ago, we mentioned the Mistress Alexa — a voice-enabled sex dominatrix — which is, arguably, the most famous homemade sex toy from Deviant Designs. But, don’t think it’s the only one they’ve thought up. Here are a few other ones that were the brainchild of the founder of the company; and could be good options for you and yours to try at home.

The Tugger

If The Tugger looks intense, just try feeling it for yourself to see just how crazy this homemade sex toy really is. Connected to an Arduino board, it has varying levels of intensity, and can give the user either a shock or muscle cramp, depending on the level of punishment the person wants.

The Punishment Pump

Working much like a vacuum, the Punishment Pump from Deviant Designs runs off an Arduino board that has a Bluetooth radio inside of it. When this homemade sex toy gets activated, a ball gag with tiny holes in it — which is placed into the user’s mouth — forces liquid into her/his mouth, making them swallow something that they don’t like as torture. The liquid can be anything your little mind can think up.

No-Touch Cuffs

Larger than a pair of normal handcuffs, the No-Touch Cuffs is a more submissive set of cuffs that punish the user in a truly unique way. Similar to the classic board game, Operation, the device users sensors and a wireless transmitter that activates things like clamps or pumps if touched, making for one hell of an experience.

iPad Gag

As the name says, the iPad Gag places a ball inside of the user’s mouth while covering up their face. Used as a humiliation device, the iPad over the face with a mount that goes around the neck, and makes them feel a bit less desired as they try to balance the weight from both the ball and iPad.

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit more in the bedroom, the homemade sex toys mentioned above may just be the best way to do so. Just remember to consult with your partner to make sure there’s 100 percent consent and agreement that she/he wants to use it.

(H/T Engadget)