Dating tips might seem like death and taxes — you know, something that will always be there for people — but, in all honesty, they can be helpful if taken seriously. And, since we’re all out there looking for our one and only, we have a few dating tips that can help find her.

Flirting is an art form that few guys are just born with. You may think that guys like Clooney had this charm from birth, but, don’t be fooled, his success in both personal and professional life comes from his confidence and the ability to flirt, appearing more attractive to anyone he comes across. And, while we can’t promise Georgeyboy-like results, some of these dating tips will surely make you more attractive to girls — which will make you feel like an A-list movie star.

With the help of MedicalDaily, here are some of the dating tips worth remembering the next time you see a girl you’re interested in.

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Maintain Good Posture

Even if you don’t have a symmetrical face, women find an improved body posture outweighs good looks, and an outspoken attitude, according to a Colorado College study. Standing up a little straighter is key when you’re about to talk to that special person because it exudes more confidence and shows you’re conscious of your bodily movements.

Stay Honest

Honesty is the best policy, and this applies to flirting, too. Men and women, it’s time to throw away the clever one-liners and opt for the direct gambit lines—ones that are honest and get right to the point, according to a study published in the journal Sex Roles. Women were found to prefer innocuous lines such as “What do you think of this band?,” while men preferred direct opening gambits.

Attain Facial Symmetry

Symmetry is regarded as an extremely attractive quality in the opposite sex as people tend to favor faces with more symmetrical features. A study in the journal Annals of Plastic Surgery found both men and women label symmetrical faces and bodies as more attractive, and in better health than their counterparts. Someone with good symmetry is shown to have the genetic goods to survive development, is healthy, and could be a good and fertile choice for mating.

Maintain Good Eye Contact

Eye contact is known to be a universal method employed by both men and women to convey romantic interest. If someone you like looks away or stops making eye contact with you, chances are they are not interested in you. Also, avoid constantly staring at a person for a prolonged period of time as this can be considered borderline creepy and will most likely lead to naming calling and social isolation.


MedicalDaily also references a couple other tips to keep in mind for more dating success — which can be found over on their website — so don’t sell yourself short by following these rules. Luckily, science says it’s easy to be physically attractive to girls. Like we said above, doesn’t every guy want to be George Clooney? Probably, so go at least try to be!


(H/T MedicalDaily)