New Years resolutions are often made by people who want to better themselves in the gym or when eating healthier, but have you ever thought about making a pledge to get yourself better in the bedroom, too? It may sound weird, but, hey, who the heck says you can’t make a New Years resolution to have better sex this year? There aren’t rules about that.

If a New Years resolution is supposed to be about improving your life better, there’s no better place to start than the bedroom — at least in our opinion. After all, sex has shown to have great benefits that lead to happiness, so why not start living out some of your sexual fantasies this year and reap the rewards, which, in theory, will only make you feel happier. Sounds like a good plan to us.

Rather than sit here and explain why we think your New Years resolutions should include some sexy time, we’re just going to give you some ideas instead. We know they might not be for everyone, but, hey, they might be worth giving a shot — because going to the gym everyday and eating quinoa two meals a day can’t be sustainable, but we’d like to think some good sex is something that can.

New Years resolutions: Don’t make it all about you

Guys are selfish; sorry to break the news to you. For years, we think that it’s all about how long we can last during sex, fearing that, ejaculate to soon, and the girl will leave disappointed. Well, isn’t it time we do something about that problem if we can’t control our penis? Hell yes it is!

Instead of only thinking about penetration this year, make one of your New Years resolutions to be about your girl first, showing her new tricks like oral and, if she’s open to it, anal sex, too. Not only that, but finger her. Tease her. Lick her collarbone. Play with her nipples. Suck her lower lip. Show her how you actually care about her, rather than just telling her.

Look, guys are always going to get off during sex, then, boom, it ends and they usually fall asleep. But 2019 should be the year you focus more on your girl, making her legs shake and leaving her moaning your name before you just stick your penis in her. Trust us, she’ll appreciate the change.

New Years resolution: Try something that kind of scares you in the bedroom

If you’re “vanilla” in the bedroom — meaning you, generally, stick to a routine and don’t really experience outside your comfort zone, make a pledge to yourself this year to try something new. Hell, forget new, think exotic, exciting and, yep, even a little bit scary.

No one is going to immediately move from missionary to full-fledged porno sex, we understand that. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore some of those sexual fantasies you and your girl have with one another, trying out new positions, maybe some sex toys, different locations and all that good stuff. Just remember to ease into things so not to totally feel overwhelmed.

There are plenty of people who want to do role play, BDSM or have some other sort of fun experience, so make a New Years resolution of yours to finally follow through on those — even if it means you’re stepping way out of your comfort zone.

New Years resolutions: Pick an exotic spot you’ve never tried before

Going along the same line as above, get yourself out of the bedroom this year and start trying out new spots to have sex. This means beaches, parks, cars, tents; OK, you get the point, it’s anywhere that is a little dangerous.

Think of it this way. When you make a New Years resolution to get to the gym three times each week, you might feel intimidated or even scared when walking in and standing next to people who have always had that routine. The same will probably occur when you try having sex somewhere foreign to you, but, once you take the risk and familiarize yourself, you’ll get out of your own head and have quite the experience.

New Years resolutions: Listen to what your girl likes

We’ve already established the New Years resolution of actually focusing on your girl more in the bedroom, but when you’re giving her some more attention, make sure to actually listen to what she likes when you’re working on spoiling her. That’s a critical point to leaving her satisfied.

Does she moan when you touch her there? Does she arch her back when you kiss her like that? Are her eyes rolling in the back of her head when your tongue hits that spot? If so, you should already know how she feels. But if she’s not really giving you much to work with while doing foreplay or having sex, don’t be afraid to talk to her and listen to what she likes, which will make things better for both of you in the end.

New Years resolutions: Have sex at least three times per month

Of all the New Years resolutions to make in 2019, this is the one that gets us most excited — so we suggest incorporating it into your own life, too.

Now, saying you’re going to have sex three times a month and actually doing it are two different things. After all, it takes two to tango. But, if you’re in a relationship or have girls who you regularly have sex with, this is one thing that should absolutely be your goal — just remember to be safe about it and make sure you and the girl are on the same page with what you’re looking for if you’re not officially together.

If New Years resolutions are supposed to be about improving yourself, having sex three times per month will do that in a lot of ways. It’ll help you with your bedroom performance, but it will also help with your confidence, communication and relationships, even if they’re platonic. For plenty of reasons, this is a resolution for 2019 that will benefit you on a lot of levels.