The Amazon Alexa is an innovated device that makes life for us humans so much easier. No, seriously, think about the “good ol’ days” when we had to actually scroll through a playlist to decide a song, rather than just having an on-command service. Or, how about trying to figure out the answer to something? Forget Googling it, just ask Amazon Alexa as if it were an expert in your living room!

For all the good stuff that the Amazon Alexa has given us, one of the things that many users might not know about is its dating help. That’s right, because the voice-activated device can connect with other apps, the Alexa is just about your best wingman on planet earth, capable of giving suggestions for good spots to meet up at, what to wear on a first date and how to be better in the bedroom.

Here are a few other helpful things that the Amazon Alexa can do to improve your dating life — which, in essence, should help you get more action, too!

Get in the mood

You know those movie moments where the perfect song seems to play right at the very moment you and your girl are about to get busy? Take out the randomness of those types of moments with Alexa thanks to its “Relaxing Sounds: Romantic Moods” skill.

What’s this mean for you, exactly? Simply put, rather than fumble with what songs to play when popping a bottle of champagne for a romantic night, Amazon Alexa will compile the perfect playlist to help you and your partner get in the mood like a personal sex DJ.

Buy condoms

Thinking you’ll get lucky before a date but don’t have time to run to a store to get condoms for protection? Amazon Alexa can act as your personal assistant there, too, making sure you’ve got enough rubbers to last you through the evening.

With the speed of delivery these days, a user can literally ask Alexa to order a box of condoms before noon, and, like magic, could end up on their doorstep by the time you and your date are walking through your front door.

It basically controls your eHarmony account

Many users don’t know that the Amazon Alexa can act as your personal online dating assistant, but it sure can! Since the device connects to some of your online dating apps, like eHarmony, you can simply ask Alexa to ask about your matches, see who has viewed your profile and who may have liked some of your pics.

Forget going to a bar, this thing has your ass covered when it comes to meeting new people.

There’s actually a “Relationship Tips” mode

Struggling to figure out why you and your girlfriend are going through some problems and not quite sure who to turn to for dating tips? Well, if you don’t have access to your phone or computer to read, the next best thing is to simply ask your Amazon Alexa.

In addition to getting some advice on how to handle a jealous girlfriend or what to do after getting into a drunken argument, Alexa can assist you in finding the best date spots in town and outside of the box suggestions.

When all else fails, find a stripper or escort service

Feeling down or just need someone to help ease boredom? Amazon Alexa has your ass covered, guys, because you can ask where the best strip clubs in town are, or simply ask for which escort services are nearby. Hey, isn’t technology awesome?!?