Sliding into DMs on Instagram is always risky, as many girls don’t look at the strategy from guys as anything more than a thirst trap. Sure, there’s a way to do it, but, most of the time, many ladies aren’t replying with more than a couple innocent messages. Go all in and hit on them? Well, they may just block you altogether.

Sure, we’ve all been in a position when we’ve slid into the DMs of a hot girl we saw on an online dating app like Tinder or Bumble, hoping that, just in case we don’t match on the app, we can get her attention through social media. In most cases, it doesn’t warrant a reply. In some cases, you get lucky and charm her to meet up. And, in rare (and unfortunate) cases, the guy gets rejected by silence, gets angry and then sends harassing messages to the girl.

That last part is what recently happened to a girl named Julia, who took screengrabs of the messages from a guy who first saw her on Tinder. After being denied on the dating app, he tried his luck by sliding into DMs on Instagram and, well, this was the result.

Just take a look at the inappropriate messages the guy sent to Julia.

The messages, which have since gone viral, came between Julia telling the man that she was not interested six different times. For some reason, the dude didn’t get the hint and kept pushing, which, ultimately, led to the girl blocking him. But these hurtful messages are commonplace for many girls on dating apps, unfortunately, as they link to their social media accounts and may get their inboxes flooded by strangers.

After Julia’s tweet got such a response and began trending, she tweeted out how big of a problem this has become, even saying how society has become desensitized because of its common occurrence.

In a way to try and help other girls from such harassment, the New York Post mentioned an Instagram account called “ByeFelipe,” which is supposed to expose guys who do things like this for other ladies to see. It’s a way to call out the obnoxious and toxic guys, which is why the owner of the account, Alexandra TwetenTweten, told VICE, “This is a problem in our society in general, this thing of men becoming aggressive and hostile when they’re told ‘no.’”

This is the latest reminder that guys need to take rejection in stride and not allow it to become too personal. Sure, it hurts, but know that there are plenty of other fish in the sea that will like you for you, so avoid the creepy and harassing messages, no girl deserves that for just telling you they’re not interested.

(H/T New York Post)