Izabel Goulart is one of the sexiest women on the planet. If you didn’t already know that by now, we’re seriously concerned that you might be living under a rock, because the long-legged beauty has it all going on that it’s not even funny.

While Izabel might not be one of those Victoria’s Secret models that you often think about — which is a shame — that doesn’t mean there are millions of people who regularly do. That’s probably one of the reasons why she’s got so many followers to her hot Instagram account. Oh, and the fact that she regularly teases her fans with so many skin-tastic pictures that it’s insane.

Well, Izabel Goulart was at it again this weekend with that whole sexy tease thing, because the 34-year-old Brazilian model flaunted the good stuff in a barely-there top that nearly became a sensational nip-slip. Even so, the picture is still mega hot, so take a look at it — and a bunch of others — by scrolling down below.

My goodness, guys. Whatever deal Izabel Goulart signed with the devil to stay so sexy for as long as she has is one that plenty of other people want, too. Not that 34 is old, but, damn, there aren’t too many ladies walking around in the world that has a body like Izabel does. Don’t even get us started on that butt of hers, either, because the thing is a lethal weapon; especially for a person as tiny as she is.

Considering Izabel Goulart has a massive following on Instagram with over 4.5 million fans, it’s pretty obvious that she’s a fan-favorite when it comes to staring at her sexy pictures. For that reason alone, we think it’d be a very good idea to give this babe a follow, because the things she’s regularly posting onto her hot Instagram account are super entertaining. And who doesn’t like a pretty gal showing off all of her goodies while wearing next to nothing?