HentaiCon was such a great experience that we didn’t just have fun meeting new fans and seeing all the vendors, but we got to meet some really hot Instagram girls, too. One of those people was Miso Tokki, who is just as uncomfortably sexy in person as she is in her lewd photoshoots she’s so popular for.

Wearing a very sexy sailor outfit the day we talked with her at HentaiCon, Miso Tokki told us about her love for Hentai, how she got into it and what we can expect from her next. With nearly 135,000 Instagram followers, it’s not hard to guess that the bombshell aspires to continue taking (and sharing) plenty of hot pics with her fans.

Sugarcookie: What Are Your Thoughts On The First HentaiCon So Far?

Miso Tokki: “It seems really good. I’m having a good time and, for the first year, it seems like it’s really well organized. I’ve met some really good people and fans, so it’s been a lot of fun to be here.”

Sugarcookie: How’s This First HentaiCon Compare To Some Of The Other Cons You’ve Been To, Like ComicCon And Stuff?

Miso Tokki: “It’s actually not that different than some of the bigger ones. I mean, it’s a little bit more intimate, but interacting the fans is similar to any of those. You know, it’s just another Con, with a lot of the same people; especially in the SoCal community because we’re all so tight knit. It’s just great seeing everyone again, so it’s been a pretty similar experience for its first year.”

Sugarcookie: Can You Talk A Little Bit About The Hentai And Anime Community A Little Bit, And What Makes It So Unique To Be Part Of.

Miso Tokki: “It’s the people, mostly; yeah! I really have a lot of friends in the community, so that just makes it really enjoyable to come here. A lot of those friends I don’t get to see on a regular basis, so it’s being able to come to a conference like this and see them is great. Plus, how awesome is all the new merch they’ve got? With all the cool new companies that are coming out with Hentai gear makes the community really cool and enjoyable.”

Sugarcookie: Can You Talk About Some Of Your Hentai Outfits And How You Get The Inspiration To Wear The Things You Do?

Miso Tokki: (laughs) “Well, it might sound weird, but I just really like characters and dressing up. With my Instagram account, which is where I usually do all the lewd stuff all the time, it’s just a chance to do it in front of everybody rather than just for a photoshoot. I mean, it’s just really fun, really fun.”

Sugarcookie: How’d You Get Into Hentai And Dressing Up?

Miso Tokki: “I’ve been doing lewd shoots now for about two years now. I started doing some lingerie shoots and that kind of stuff, and then my manager, Marvin, and I just sort of decided to book more Hentai lewd shoots, so it just kind of stuck.”

Sugarcookie: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Anime?

Miso Tokki: “By far, my favorite thing about anime is just relating to the characters and getting the chance to dress up as them. Being able to find all those really cool designs and just dress up as, it’s just awesome. Getting able to bring those to life, wear them to a Con and see the reactions is what makes this so fun. People get really excited when they see their favorite characters in real life, so it’s even more exciting for me when I see those fans.”

Sugarcookie: We Know You Said You Got Into The Lewd Shoots A Couple Years Ago, But Had You Alwaysย Been Into Anime?

Miso Tokki: “Yeah, it was a couple years ago that I started doing those lewd shoots, but I’ve been into anime since 2010, which is actually a little bit later than a lot of other people in the community. I started cosplaying the same year, so it’s slowly been getting more and more intense since then. Basically, I’ve been putting myself out there more and have tried out bigger and bigger costumes since then.”

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Sugarcookie: Do You Find Yourself Inspiring Other People, Both Guys And Girls, To Take Chances And Dress Up?

Miso Tokki: “I’ve had some girls, and even some guys, message me on Instagram to tell me how much they love the costumes. I don’t know, as much as I’d like to say that people should go do it, you also have to be careful because this is going to be online forever. But, if this is really what you want to do, I say go for it, because it really is so much fun. You just have to do it, and go all the way!”