Just when you thought you couldn’t find another hot Instagram that will make you absolutely fall in love, some girl named Lauren Young comes along and, BOOM, it happens! And, don’t worry if you find yourself crushing on this brunette babe hard, because that’s sort of the normal reaction upon seeing her.

Lauren Young is more than just some hot Instagram model, though — she’s a certified badass! As a U.S. Army veteran how served in the 485th Military Police Company from 2011 to 2012 while deployed in Afghanistan, Lauren’s got the whole All-American thing down perfectly. Thing is, she could probably be the damn spokesmodel for the entire country, that’s how hot she is!

Before we go and brag about her even more, go ahead and see for yourself why Lauren Young is going to be the next hot Instagram model you’re falling in love with, too! Needless to say, her pics our smokin’!

More than just a pretty face, Lauren’s clearly capable of kicking some ass. And, in an interview with Maxim in 2017, the real-life Lara Croft — yeah, the fictional character from Tomb Raider — talked about why she finds guns so hot.

“Guns are a lot like art. You can design them, you can modify them to fit you, and they can come out looking pretty damn sexy. Gun porn is certainly a thing! There is also something sexy in knowing how to handle any firearm. I can say that I do feel sexy when holding a gun because it facilitates my confidence in that I can protect myself and handle something potentially dangerous. Guns serve that dual purpose — they are sexy in themselves and you can feel sexy shooting them.”

Hey, that works for us! Plus, it’s sort of an added bonus that Lauren really does look F’in sexy holding a gun. Something tells us she’s pretty swift with one in her hand, too!

Looking for even more hot Instagram pics and videos from Lauren Young? Hey, don’t hesitate and checking out her Instagram account to get your fill, fellas!