Whether you’re a self-described geek or not, the name Stan Lee is one that everyone knows, as his creative imagination gave us memorable characters, while co-creating Marvel. Sadly, the geek world is mourning the loss of the grandfather of comics, as Lee, 95, passed away today.

While Stan Lee’s best-known for being, arguably, the most influential character in comic book history, it’s his creations that will forever be his lasting legacy. Following Lee’s death today, we figured the best way to honor him is by breaking down his best characters, which all of us have adored — and will continue to adore — forever. Here’s to you, Stan Lee.


Sure, Frank Miller is generally the one given the most credit for the creation of Daredevil, but it was Stan Lee who helped put Matt Murdock on the map first. Working with some other bright minds in comics, Lee’s blind lawyer who defends his clients and protects Hell’s Kitchen at night is one of his great contributions. Look no further than the Netflix series for that.

Doctor Doom

Arguably one of the great comic villains ever, Doctor Doom was created by Stan Lee as a way to try and stop the Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom was brash, smart, ruthless and conniving, which made the famous foursome that much more intriguing, not to mentioned its influence on Marvel once it first kicked off.

Black Panther

When first created by Stan Lee, the Black Panther helped the current social situation back in the ’60s and ’70s, but the character actually predated the activist party with the same name. That said, when Lee and co-creator Jack Kirby introduced King T’Challa, he became the first black superhero, with the character exploding onto the scene in recent years thanks to the movie with the same title.

The Hulk

When geeks think of the strongest man on the planet, The Hulk is typically the first person who comes to mind, and with good reason. That’s because Stan Lee created this raging green giant to be the most angry and disruptive force on the planet. Obviously, Lee did so successfully, and The Hulk is one of his most famous and well-known characters.


Without a doubt, Spider-Man is Stan Lee’s lasting character. One of the most decorated comic heroes ever, Peter Parker is a durable, relatable savior. A regular guy with superpowers. One of Marvel’s flagship titles, the creation of Spider-Man by Lee helped shape the rest of Marvel’s growth within the industry.