Having a girlfriend that’s into video games just like you are is the dream. But if you already have a girlfriend, and she’s not a gamer just what can you do? Here’s my guide on how to get your girlfriend into video games. 

There’s lots of different ways to approach getting your girlfriend into video games. The first thing you need to establish her current gaming experience. Most people have played video games at least once in their life after all. Plus nowadays a lot of people play games on their phones, but wouldn’t consider themselves gamers.

I personally think a big factor of girls not getting into video games is how intimidating it can appear. A lot of gamers grew up playing on earlier consoles as a kid. If you weren’t part of that, seeing the new generation consoles and gaming culture can be quite daunting. That’s why the first factor you should consider is finding an interface that she’s comfortable with.

By that I mean, finding a console that’s not going to intimidate her. A great one to start off with is the phone. No one feels intimidated by their phones, and most people are used to using the controls ect. Finding a game that you can play together on her phone is a great way of introducing the idea of playing video games.

Playing together

It’s important to emphasis that you want to play video games together with her. Video games are a solo thing in many ways. Even with online multiplayer games, your still mostly just sat at home by yourself, simply talking to people through a headset.

A good way to get your girlfriend more interested in playing video games is to make it an activity that the both of you can play together. With that in mind, think about picking games that have two player options on your consoles.

The Nintendo Wii is a great option for this. Their games are interactive and most have two player options. They also have quite casual games that don’t feel intimating. Other friendly multiplayer games would include Little Big Planet, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.

Have fun and be supportive

This sounds super obvious. However it really is important to have fun together. Don’t get caught up in being the best or winning all the time. New gamers will still be insecure about their gameplay. Celebrate her victories and encourage her when she needs it.

Basically just have a lot of fun and let her join in on the fun. That way she’ll be more likely want to do play video games again in the future.

A sneaky way to get her interested initially playing is to buy some game merchandise. For instance, cute Pokemon earrings or a Mario pin. Girls love cute things they can wear. Opening up another world of potential style is a great way for her to become more invested in the video games.

Understand her limits

Not everyone wants to play video games all day every day. You have to understand your girlfriend won’t want to spend as much time playing it as you do. So when you do play video games together, make sure you remember to thank her for giving it a try and playing with you.

Keep in mind that she’s doing something for you that she might not have wanted to. In return you should consider doing something she likes, that you may not be so interested in doing. Keeping a balance in a relationship between which activities and hobbies you do together as a couple is very healthy.