There is a a lot to like in Ant-Man, a great cast, a good sense of humour and easily the best action scenes Marvel’s done since the first Avengers. But I found myself wanting something  a little more.


Now before this starts sounding way too negative, Ant-Man is a good film, the entire cast is great with the stand-out being Michael Peña, who steals everything scene he is in. Paul Rudd is good in the role, but I felt that his character just seemed a bit similar to other Marvel characters (A smart, wisecracking rogue with a heart of gold). the rest of the cast does a good job even if they are a tad underdeveloped.

The story that centres around a Heist to save the world, feels like a good fit for the film and sets up some really strong set piece moments. It also means that the 3rd act doesn’t feel like a let down. The action sequences are also great, they’re inventive, funny and visually eye catching. Its a bit of a shame that the villain isn’t any great shakes, but I have come to expect that from Marvel films.

The films obviously is not without its problems, for the entire story arc revolving around Paul Rudd and his daughter, fell absolutely flat. The entire thing just drowned in cliché’s and predictable writing. Even the actor choices felt so clichéd. This meant that so much of the film just felt flat for me.

There were also bits that felt unfinished (probably due to the rewrites), such as half set-up jokes and character beats. There were also fairly glaring plot holes that revolved around the main villain’s motive (Think Brain Chemistry).

Overall, my main problem with Ant-Man is that it just feels a little too much like every other Marvel film, the type of humour is the same, the feel and tone is the same, and it has the same problems. And that’s just a little disappointing.

I might be a little biased with my love of Edgar Wright clouding my view, but with him at the helm I envisaged something a little more exciting and unique (Scott Pilgrim kind of thing), and although there are flashes of his style throughout, overall its feels a little too safe and by the numbers. BUT its still a good enjoyable film, that entertained me all the way through.

Review submitted by Lewis Morgan who blogs at The Flick Fix Show