Nintendo may have just hinted at their latest mini console set for a re-release, as the video game mogul just filed for a trademark to bring back an N64 mini, which has set the Internet swirling with belief that one of the most classic video game consoles is making a comeback soon.

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According to, the trademark application — which was first spotted and reported by Japanese Nintendo — includes the entire console system, including video game program, controller, joystick and the ability to download games. Some rumors include the idea of downloadable software (specifically for mobile), making some believe Nintendo may be aiming to release more mobile games in the not-so-distant future.

Following the success of Nintendo’s re-release of the Nintendo Classic Mini a few years ago, there were always rumblings in the video game world that an N64 mini would soon follow. Many of those same people pointed out that, even with the success of the Classic Mini, Nintendo stopped production — which upset plenty of people — but, in the long run, may have been as a business strategy to pump the hype around other consoles, such as an N64 mini.

Although there’s no guarantee that an N64 mini is prime to hit the video game market, with Nintendo filing for the trademark, it’s a clear sign that they’re trying to protect their properties and may be looking at a re-release. Still, Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed anything regarding an N64 mini, so video game connoisseurs are awaiting the (hopeful) news that one is on the way soon.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has filed a trademark that has gotten video game geeks excited, as the company also filed on last year that included the protection of several Nintendo game controllers, per a previous IGN article, which initially got the whispers swirling about a potential N64 mini concept hitting the market at some point.

Who knows if Nintendo’s plan is to give video game lovers an updated version of its classic N64 console, but, at the moment, the company is getting lots of attention for at least teasing us all with the (possible) idea. Plus, if a re-released N64 mini includes online gaming and/or downloadable games, it’s keeping up with new technology and other consoles that have made that an industry standard. Only time will tell, guys, but this is exciting to think about.