We’re always pretty amped up when we get awesome gaming news, so the rumors floating around that Microsoft is considering developing a disc-less console has us giddy. And, if you primarily play Microsoft consoles like Xbox, this news is going to be exciting for you, too.

According to Geek.com, via Thurrott, the tech mogul, Microsoft, isn’t just planning on releasing a new gaming console next year, but that it’s considering the aforementioned disc-less version, which would be revolutionary for gamers. Here’s what Geek had to report about the news.

Thurrott’s unnamed sources mention that the company is planning on creating the discless console to lower the console’s price point in the first place. It’s a different line aside from the codenamed Scarlett next-gen consoles for Microsoft, and those aren’t expected to debut until 2020. The new discloses version of the popular console, presumably the Xbox One, would be a 2019 release.

It’s currently $299 for the cheapest Xbox One console, and releasing a discless version means Microsoft could potentially, according to Thurrott, lower the price by $100. The new console could cost $200 or less, which is a dramatic price decrease for those looking to jump into the current console generation.

This is actually awesome news, not just because of the innovation of a disc-less console, but because of Microsoft considering their customers in all of this, hoping that releasing a the new gaming system would help drop the price of the current Xbox One. See, we told you we love when good gaming news is released.

The Geek.com piece also goes on to mention that, for all gamers concerned about the collection of titles on the Xbox One becoming useless because they are a disc, Microsoft is hoping to create a “disc-to-digital” program that allows gamers to swap the physical games for digital downloads, which would be groundbreaking on many levels as well.

While there’s no official word about all this gaming news from Microsoft about the possibility of a disc-less console, it’ll be interesting to see if this rumor comes to fruition over the next year or so. One thing’s for sure, gaming is on the verge of some big innovation, so this would help take it to another level that would benefit gamers in a way that’s never been offered before.

(H/T Geek)