Deadpool 2 has been one of the most anticipated movies of the entire year. Unfortunately, one of the scenes led a girl to break up with her boyfriend — all because of the wise words of Ryan Reynolds himself in the film — and, because of that, the actor felt compelled to console the poor guy through Twitter. Ah, yes, 2018…

That’s the story that some guy named Josiah Thieman is telling, as he recently tweeted out that, when Deadpool 2 hit theaters a few months ago, his girlfriend went to see it without him — on his birthday! Not only did she ruin a perfect birthday date, but she also broke up with him after seeing it, which was a scene in the movie.

Well, that has to sting a little bit, huh? Hopefully Josiah’s ego wasn’t bruised too badly after such a move.

Lucky for him, when word got out about Josiah’s miserable Deadpool 2 experience, actor Ryan Reynolds — who plays the snarky action hero — reached out through Twitter to help console the brokenhearted a little bit.

For those who haven’t seen Deadpool 2, the movie deals with a fair bit of relationship drama. Naturally, and playfully, Deadpool pretty much says that, to avoid such headaches, all girlfriends should break up with their boyfriends, too. Who knew that someone would take the joke so literal, right? Sadly, Josiah’s now ex-girlfriend did.

However, according to Men’s Health, who reached out to Josiah after his interaction with Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, the guy seems to be recovering nicely and his spirits are high.

“Him even responding to my tweet made my day, I didn’t think he’d even notice it,” Josiah said in a direct message on Twitter. “But him saying sorry and then jokingly saying ‘Still friends?’ made my heart warm and gave me some hope.”

At least the kid appears like brighter days are ahead — especially if a girl’s a little nutty enough to believe a fictional action hero’s dating advice. That said, this is just another reason why Ryan Reynolds is the absolute man, and why Deadpool 2 continues to be the one superhero movie that we will never, ever get enough of.

(H/T Men’s Health)