Sending nudes is something that we’ve all done before, as they’re used to sex up the conversation with someone. Hopefully, though, you’re on the receiving end of naked pics more than you’re the one passing them around, but, either way, it can always be tricky bringing up the topic. And, a story that’s making its way around the Internet is a not-so-friendly reminder why sending nudes can be a tough request.

Meet some girl named Rhiannon Simpson, a student from the UK who got hit up from a guy on Instagram about sending nudes his way. Rhiannon wasn’t having any of it, and made sure the guy knew — but not without having a little bit of fun with him while replying back.

With the persistence of the guy, Rhiannon tried her best to shutdown the nude pics request by saying that she had a boyfriend. When the guy didn’t stop asking, though, the blonde figured she’d mess the messaging guy, sending back an “error message not received” text. Take a look at the screenshots below to see how the conversation escalated quickly.

Believe it or not, but the text exchange when on for nine more messages before the guy realized that Rhiannon was just messing with him and that she had no interest in sending nudes. Here’s what the blonde had to tell UNILAD, who first got word of the story.

“This man on my Instagram kept messaging me and started off by saying I have a nice body and he’d like to see more and I declined and then he asked if I’d do it if he paid me and I declined again, which is when he started asking the bra question and it started to annoy me so I gave the response which has now gone viral.

After he realised I’d published it online he started to claim he’d got a lawyer and was going to send me to court for slander and then within a sheer ten minutes he’d told me he’d obtained a restraining order against me and all my followers, so it was clearly fake. I have now blocked him.”

Thankfully, Rhiannon not only blocked the requesting guy — who, remember, was a complete stranger — but also reported him and posted the whole conversation on Twitter, making fun of him there as well.

Guys, don’t let this ever become you. Remember, there’s a way of sliding into DMs on social media without being a complete creep, so it’s best to follow those rules and avoid the whole sending nudes request within the first few messages.

In case you get asked to send nudes and you decide to send a dick pic, be sure to know how to take a good one before doing it.