The minute you lay your eyes on Darya Yakovleva, you’ll notice a couple of things. First, she’s an absolute beauty, blessed with near-perfect traits that can send any guy to his knees begging for mercy. And, second, that she’s the type of classy girl you’d want to introduce to your family.

While both of those things may seem like quite the proclamations, we can guarantee you that you’ll understand what we’re talking about the second you see some of Darya’s hot Instagram pics — which we were really excited about when we discovered them a couple of days ago. And, because we haven’t stopped looking at her ever since, we just had to introduce you to her.

Thankfully, Darya Yakovleva is a good sport, and she’s totally cool — and used to — guys staring at her for way too long, meaning she posts lots of hot things online with quite the regularity. Given our mild obsession with the blonde bombshell, we pulled some of our favorite pics of her, so scroll down to see some of her best.

Whether she’s smiling or staring into the camera lens with those piercing eyes of hers, Darya Yakovleva has extreme sex appeal — and, man, is it incredible to look at. Plus, given the fact that she’s not just posting a bunch of stuff in bikinis, it seems like she knows her own natural beauty, which is always awesome to see. Not that we wouldn’t welcome more skin from her, but it just doesn’t seem like her thing, if you will.

Either way, while Darya Yakovleva does already have 100,000 followers to her very hot Instagram account, we think she deserves a helluva lot more. So go ahead and give her a follow and join us in liking basically every single thing she posts, because it deserves all the attention from men everywhere.