Emojis are fun, playful and, when used correctly, can be pretty helpful in landing you a date with the girl you’re texting — but they aren’t all created equal. With a wide load of emoji options out there for you to choose from while flirtatiously texting a girl, how do you know which one is right and which one is going to give the wrong impression? Well, we’re here to help answer that question.

Unlike other dating rules, so to speak, emojis are a new phenomenon and have no cardinal rule. That means that there’s no “well, if you wouldn’t want to receive it, then you probably shouldn’t send it” kind of mentality. Because of that, it can be tough to figure out what is and isn’t acceptable, but, generally speaking, the emojis you send should reflect the conversation you’re currently having.

For example, if things are really hot and heavy — and only if that’s the case — playfully sending the eggplant emoji and/or the water drips emoji is OK, because it might be obvious that you and the girl are ready to rip one another’s clothes off. Since that’s uncommon, though, it’s best to just use emojis as a way to make a girl smile after texting her something flirty — and here are the ones that are totally acceptable to use while you’re messaging back and forth.

Sassy Girl Emoji

Although the sassy girl emoji might not be one that most guys typically use while texting a girl, it’s one that a lot of girls enjoy and commonly reply to. There are a variety of reasons why that might be, but the No. 1 thought is that you (as the texter) is making the playful conversation about her, recognizing that she’s witty, clever and, obviously, sassy. Girls like that sort of attention, so it’s best to try this one out next time you find the opportunity.

Smirking Emoji

One of the most commonly used emojis ever, the smirking emoji is great for a ton of different situations. The most obvious is to cover up the fact that you’re hinting at something without actually saying it — i.e. “So, are you as bored on this rainy night as I am?” It’s a perfect complement to something sly like that, giving a little bit more personality to an otherwise innocent question.

There’s obviously an art to flirtatious texting, and this emoji goes a long way in giving some playful humor without being overly offensive. While her reply may not lead to hanging out that night, it should set the foundation in order to do so sooner rather than later.

See No Evil Emoji

Feeling a little bit “embarrassed” by something you just said? Hey, there’s an emoji for that — and it’s the see no evil emoji, fellas. Perfect for the situation when you and a girl are texting and you say something silly to try and make her laugh, there are very few emojis that are as successful as this one when used in the right situation.

A good example would be after drunkenly texting a girl at 2 a.m., waking up the next day without a reply and saying something like, “Well, looks like someone had a little bit too much last night, huh?” It’s humorous, it’s self-deprecating, it’s playful and it’s unthreatening — plus, girls seem to think the monkey is cute, so you’ve got that going for you.

Taco Emoji

Dudes, if you haven’t noticed, all girls love tacos. Like, really, really love tacos. For that reason, use that information to your advantage by skipping all those other food emojis and going right for their hungry heart with the taco emoji.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, the taco emoji can be pretty useful in a variety of situations, but one way it can be effective is as an icebreaker. For instance, if you and a girl haven’t texted in awhile, use the taco emoji with a text that says something like, “So I’m torn on what to grab for dinner tonight, but DEF feeling tacos.” We almost guarantee she’ll reply, and, when she does, it’s your chance to be flirty and see if she wants to join.

Happy Devil Emoji

Similar to the aforementioned sassy girl emoji, the happy devil emoji is a way to playfully joke with a girl that you think she’s not quite as innocent as she might first appear. If that’s not the epitome of good flirting, we don’t know what is.

Another way to use this emoji is while you and a girl are talking about weekend plans. Drop a hint that you’ve had a rough week and that you’re excited to get into a little trouble this weekend. Don’t be hesitant about asking her if she’s interested in the same, complemented with the happy devil emoji.

Here’s an example: “Any weekend plans yet? Been a terrible week, so looking to get into a little trouble tomorrow night… interested?” A text like that is direct and confident, meaning she’ll probably chuckle and reply back with something that’s flirty about either joining or meeting up. That’s definitely always a good sign.

Smiling Face Emoji

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to use one of the simplest emojis; the smiling face emoji. You can try your hardest to try and be cool, or over-think how to flirtatiously text a girl, or you can stick with something classic that has been around since your grandparents were writing love notes to one another with a pen and paper.

For those looking for an example or good situation to use this emoji, come on, you’re better than that. As long as you’re not overdoing it after every text you send — which may make her think you’ve never used a phone in your life — you’re pretty much smooth sailing with the smiling face emoji.