Sex in a car isn’t for the feint of heart, as it’s difficult to maneuver and can be a pretty tight squeeze — especially for those who have a smaller ride. That said, having sex in a car is still one of the most popular sex positions around, with people still making the car rock back and forth quite often.

Since sex in a car is something that should be on your bucket list of spots to get down and dirty — if you haven’t knocked it off of it already — we’re giving you some tips on how to have sex in a car, with some tips and rules to follow in order to make it a hell of an experience. Trust us here, we’re professionals.

Put It In Park

We’re dead serious with this one. Although it might seem obvious to put your car in park before having sex in a car, it’s something that can absolutely slip your mind when things get hot and heavy.

While foreplay can be done while the two of you are driving around, when it comes to full on sex, take the extra second to remember your car’s in park and doesn’t roll forward while you’re having sex in the backseat. Sex in a car is exciting for a lot of reasons, but it shouldn’t turn into an action movie by having to pull out in order to pull the car over because you forgot to park it.

Set The Mood With Some Tunes

Sex and music go together like peanut butter and jelly, so this one should be an obvious tip. Given the fact you’re in a car and there’s nothing else to entertain yourselves with, music should absolutely be a priority.

Since a car isn’t exactly the roomiest nor most comfortable place to have sex in, play some mood music to help ignore the obvious grunts and moans that are sure to be happening while ripping each other’s clothes off. Plus, who wouldn’t want to listen to some sensual music while having sex?

Clean It Up

If there’s even a chance that you may have sex in a car, it’s critical to make sure the interior of your car is clean. No one wants to worry about loose papers or random stuff obstructing backseat sex.

Just like you’d clean your apartment and bedroom prior to a girl coming over to your house (we hope), making sure your car is clean before you pick up your date is an extremely wise move. Ignore this rule and risk never getting past some foreplay.

Lose The Laundry

Even in the family minivan, sex in a car is going to be difficult, so it’s best to make it as easy as possible to keep things hot. With limited space to rip one another’s clothes off, here’s the best tip we can give you: make it quick!

Foreplay should be done prior to getting it on, with fingering in the front seat and/or road head essential to get the blood flowing. Once things are ready for full on penetration, remove the threads and hit the backseat and make it pretty quick; after all, you don’t want someone to catch you.

Pick The Perfect Position

Given the fact that space is pretty damn limited inside of a car — even if you’ve got one of those bigger conversion vans — this whole position thing shouldn’t be too difficult. In our experiences, the two sex positions to try while having sex in a car are either doggie style in the backseat or having the girl ride you. Yep, that’s about it; unless you want to pull a muscle trying something else.

These might not be the crazy positions that most of us are used to, but, hey, like we said above, sex in a car isn’t for the feint of heart. Knowing this, get the sex drive flowing and make this ride a memorable one — where you don’t need to pay attention to the speed limit.

And for the next time you might want to plan something steamier, like sex in the bathroom for example.