Relationship books might not be the go-to solution for every guy out there who’s going through issues with his girlfriend, but more men might want to reconsider that notion. We know it can be tough to admit when things are bad in a relationship, hoping that things will change with some work and communication. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Look, opening up about your relationship problems to a therapist is, arguably, the best way to get your mind right and receive the advise you need to try and salvage things. After all, it’s another person allowing you to vent, cry and tell your side of the story, then helps give expert advice, pretty awesome.

That’s great and all, but not many guys are as open to a therapist as many would think. The next best thing? Reading some relationship books to help clear your mind and focus on bettering the relationship. For that reason, here are some of the best options out there, which could just lead to turning things around for the good of the relationship.

The Relationship Cure

Author: John Gottman

Written by John Gottman, a scientist who has studied the psychological traits of successful relationships over the years, the author of The Relationship Cure is best-known for predicting certain outcomes in relationships. Helping to identify good communication that can help two people stay together and avoid breaking up, Gottman’s most popular relationship book is one that every guy should read to gain perspective on how to balance all of the different things he has going on in his life, while still staying happy by doing things for himself.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Authors: J. A. C. Patrissi and Lundy Bancroft

The question of staying or going can be tricky, with many people in couples thinking if difficulties in their relationship are normal or something of a bigger issue. For those wondering if you and/or your partner can really change, or if you expect too much from your girlfriend, then the book Should I Stay or Should I Go? is a great read to help answer some of those questions and try to keep the relationship going.

The Five Love Languages

Author: Gary D. Chapman

One of the most popular relationship books out there, The Five Love Languages is almost as trusted to some people as horoscopes. That’s right, there are girls out there who base their entire future, present or past relationship(s) on how their love language may or may not have matched with their partner. Even if you’re not into all of that deep type of methodology, The Five Love Languages is still a great read to better understand things about yourself, as well as your girlfriend.

Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay

Author: Mira Kirshenbaum

OK, so you and your girlfriend are going through some difficult times, now you need to ask yourself if it’s time to make up or pull the plug and just breakup. The relationship book Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay will help guide your thoughts and maneuver them to a place of confidence with a decision. Forget self-doubt when it comes to your relationship, it’s time to take control of your mind and try to simplify things to improve communication with your partner.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Author: Robert Glover

Feeling like you’re lacking assertiveness in your relationship and need to get a small bit of your masculinity back? Then No More Mr. Nice Guy is the best relationship book for you. No, the book doesn’t make you instantly confident, but it also doesn’t make you cocky either. Instead, No More Mr. Nice Guy helps those “nice guys” and helps them identify problems in themselves to avoid being manipulated or codependency in relationships. It’s time to avoid being walked all over and learn how to manage expectations to still meet your girlfriend’s needs.