There’s a cliche about women ordering salads when on a date. It’s silly, but there’s some truth in being considerate over what food you order on a date. Some things you should avoid like the garlic-y plague or some that might give you a kick of aphrodisiac. 

Picking what food you should order on a date starts before you ever get to a restaurant. Guys are often the ones who have to come up with the idea for places to eat, especially if it’s a first date. Consider your options wisely.


 Pizza is a safe option as most people like pizza and you can get lots of variations, such as vegetarian. Some places also do gluten free or vegan if you need to consider that. Pizza is a casual meal, but you can also find fancy pizza houses to impress a date.

Finding a nice Italian pizzeria is a good idea for a date because they’ll often have non pizza options just to make things extra safe for you. If you don’t want to eat pizza then risotto can be a good choice as it’s easy to eat without looking silly. Other pasts such as spaghetti can be messy to eat which might not be how you want your date to see you.

Asian food

Most foods involving rice are a good bet. Sushi is very popular as they come in the right size to just pick up and pop in your mouth. Sushi is also very chic and popular with a lot of women. If you don’t like the idea of raw fish, you can pick rolls that have imitation crab or cooked prawns.

Chinese food can be fun, I love going on dates where we share duck with pancakes. It’s fun and tasty and easy to eat. Chinese food is best for sharing, and if you want something a little different to chicken chowmein, why not try dim sum?

Thai food isn’t on my top list for places to go on dates. I find the food more sauce based and messy, and some places have very hot dishes. Spicy food is generally to be avoided as they can cause problems later on with indigestion etc. Not a sexy look.

Indian food is also one I avoid for first dates as they are very sauce-y which can be messy. But more importantly they can be very smelly. I’ve noticed a lot of onion and garlic in Indian food, and that leaves you with bad breath. Not ideal if you’re planning on kissing your date later on.


Sharing foods is fun for dates. Tapas lets you try lots of small dishes together, fantastic if you’re picky or indecisive. It can also feel a little more casual whilst still being intimate

You’re not just limited to Spanish food anymore with tapas. Many restaurants of different cuisines now offer tapas style menus. Depending on your location, finding one that specialises in seafood can be great. Maybe give a go at eating oysters, a well known aphrodisiac.


A popular, classic choice for dessert. Chocolate is sexy and another aphrodisiac. There’s something very sexy about watching someone eating chocolate, or a chocolate based dessert. Why not try to find somewhere that does chocolate fondue and hand feed your date chocolate dipped strawberries?