Your sexual satisfaction is of high importance, or so we hope it is. We’re not saying that you’re always expecting sex to be top-notch each and every time you have it, but, hey, the goal is to at least try, making sure the energy between you and your partner is as great as it can be.

With all that said, sexual satisfaction does have some factors that can influence just how good (or bad) it actually is. What might those be? Lucky for you we dived into the deep end to see what impacts your sex life more than you might ever imagine, so keep on reading and see how to leave the bedroom much more satisfied following a long night of romping.

Porn habits

Believe it or not, but watching porn can actually have a positive impact on your sexual satisfaction, it just depends on how you apply it to your own experiences and/or relationships. Whether it’s watching to understand what seems to work best — as if it’s an educational video — to using porn to get you and your partner turned on, there’s a lot to be said about how it can impact your sex life. Just remember not to be too reliant on it, because it can create a sense of false reality or expectation.


With age comes experience, and it’s definitely one of the contributing factors in sexual satisfaction, as people who are older tend to know what they like the most in the bedroom. Another example of satisfaction with sex as we age is quality over quantity, focusing more on one person than sleeping with as many people as you can. That’s not only good for mental health and maturity reasons, but, it should go without saying, also for practicing safe sex.

How loud you are during sex

Yep, how loud you or your partner are during sex is a clear sign of satisfaction. Sure, many people think they need to act to really make things appear better, but, in many cases, they’re really just moaning because it feels really, really good. According to one website, LehMiller, research even showed that people who make noise while having sex are more likely to leave satisfied, as the moaning indicate a form of communication for your partner to better understand what is and isn’t working.

The length of a relationship with your partner

You shouldn’t be surprised that the length of your relationship with someone can dictate just how good the sex actually is. For example, when you’re dating someone and are having more sex together, you communicate with one another about what you both do and don’t like, as well as being more comfortable with what to do and positions to try. When it’s someone you just met at a bar, there’s a good chance you’re not doing much other than sex, skipping foreplay and refusing oral sex due to how little you know or trust each other.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that experimentation while getting down and dirty is one of the biggest factors of sexual satisfaction, as we all know how important trying new things is to keeping it fresh. In fact, it’s so critical that research has even shown that couples who use things like sex toys, use different positions and venture to different spots are more likely to leave satisfied.