I have yet to meet a guy that didn’t like blowjobs, but I have met girls that don’t like giving them. Some admitted that they simply hated the taste of semen. Here is how you can make your semen taste better to fix the problem. 

Semen taste is dependent on lots of different factors in your life, and changing the taste can be done short term as well as long term. In the short term, you can plan first if you’re hoping to get some head action. You can change your lifestyle in the long term for better tasting semen, as well as better general health.

Short term

  • Drink a lot of water prior to blowjob antics. Water helps flush out toxins in your body that might be making your semen taste more bitter. Drinking more water also improves the volume of sperm you produce, which is always fun.
  • Cut down on the caffeine. Caffeine makes your cum taste bitter, which is generally the undesired taste. If you desperately need that cup of coffee in the morning, just make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Don’t eat onions or garlic. Although many people avoid eating these foods on dates anyway, it’s not just your breath that they affect negatively. Both onions and garlic will make your semen taste more bitter.
  • Don’t eat broccoli, asparagus or anything in the cabbage family, because they all have a high sulfur content which makes your semen taste bitter.
  • Eat/drink anything that’s naturally high in sugar. By naturally high in sugar I mean fruit juices and fruits like pineapple. Semen is pretty simple to understand, you eat bitter things it’ll make your semen taste bitter, you eat sweet things it’ll make your semen taste sweet.
  • Cinnamon is your new favourite spice. It’s been attributed as one of the best ingredients for making your semen taste sweeter.
  • Wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint all make your semen taste better as they are also high in natural sugars.


  • Do more exercise. A healthy body is a tasty body. But seriously, exercise helps your body flush out nasty tasting toxins. Bonus, it also makes you look fitter and more attractive.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking makes your semen taste bitter. It’ll also affect your breathing and stamina, which can affect your sex life. Only good things come from quitting smoking.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake. If you could stop altogether that would be even better. That’s a tough order for most people though, so instead try to reduce your alcohol intake as much as possible for the few days prior to antics, and try and reduce the amount you drink overall over a period of time.
  • Don’t do drugs. It shouldn’t be so surprising that things that are bad for your body can be bad for your semen taste. Just say no to drugs, so she won’t say no to blowjobs.
  • Pick poultry over red meats and fish. If you want to go full vegetarian or vegan, that also works. But for meat lovers, red meat and fish are the only meats you need to try and reduce.

INFOGRAPHIC – courtesy of Carvaka Sex Toys

blowjob semen taste infographic