It’s 2018, meaning we live in a day and age where new tech is constantly popping up in the hopes of helping our lives become simpler. From touchscreen computers to voice-activated alarm systems, some of these pieces of technology may seem a bit obnoxious, but, in the end, it does allow us more convenience.

One way in which new tech has made a tremendous impact is in the dating game, with people busy swiping left and right more often than actually talking to a human being face-to-face. To each is own, we suppose, as everyone seems to have downloaded an online dating app at some point in their life, but, is that really supposed to be how we find true love?

That’s a serious question that we wanted to dive into, because new tech has made dating simpler, but also more complicated, too, leading people to thinking there’s someone better out there still waiting to be swiped on. Some treat it like job-hunting or window shopping, just scooping up as many matches as possible before deciding on the lucky handful (not one) to give attention to.

So how has new tech truly impacted the dating habits of people? We take a high-level look at some of the ways — and they’re definitely not the way your parents would’ve imagined finding a relationship.

We know too much before we ever actually meet

It’s one thing to have a serious conversation through a dating app or text before ever meeting in real life, but it’s a whole different level when you do some recon work and creep on social media to see more pics and other info about a person. Don’t act like you haven’t done it, because we’re all guilty of playing that game before. The sad thing is, there are times where people have felt good about a date, then looked at a girl’s Instagram and lost interest before, you know, actually talking to them on a first date.

We’re left comparing ourselves to an online persona

Don’t get us wrong, social media is a huge influence on things like brands and self-expression, but it also sets us all up to compare ourselves to others, which can lead to self doubt or insecurity. With online dating profiles, some people are hiring professional photographers to take pictures to help them really stand out and get matches, while we tend to think that a person’s online persona is who they really are in real life. It’s all about the Instagram these days, right? Well, some people take that a little bit too seriously, worrying too much about keeping up with others in that regard.

It’s made us all lazier daters

Back in the good ol’ days, it’d be insane to think that a girl would come over to a guy’s house and watch a movie, AKA have sex without any effort. However, thanks to new tech, we all know this is far too common, with guys simply asking if a girl wants to come Netflix and chill on a boring, rainy night. Instead of charming a girl with a solid first date, it’s now sweatpants Saturdays and cheap wine. Sure, it has its benefits, but is that the person you’re going to start a relationship with? Doubtful.

No one seems to be satisfied

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, new tech allows people to constantly weight their dating options, using online dating apps and other forms of communication to get their fill. This can mean comparing two girls way too much, resisting any form of commitment because of curiosity. Likewise, it can lead to other forms of satisfaction, like cheating…

Cheating has become much easier

From Snapchat to other dating apps and, yes, even just texting an unsaved number, new tech has made all those cheaters out there smile from ear to ear. Cheating is, in our opinion, the most disrespectful and most disgusting thing that a person can do, so it’s sad that there are more ways to get away with it nowadays because of the new tech that has been introduced to us. In the end, though, if a person isn’t happy and is going to cheat, technology makes it easier, but, chances are, that person would’ve done it regardless before having such resources at their fingertips.