Whether you’re a gamer or not, there’s a good chance that you know the popularity of retro games and retro consoles these days. Hell, we’ve even gotten in on all the rage, writing about the return of Intellivision a few weeks ago. And, that’s cool and all, but there’s one gaming console, the Polymega, that is singlehandedly making retro gaming the coolest thing around. 

So what makes the Polymega such a unique gaming console that is definitely worth trying to pick up for yourself? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, seeing as how we put the answer in the headline above; it’s because the Polymega is designed to play every single one of your retro video games from various consoles.

We know, it can be a bit overwhelming, right?

As skeptical as you might be about the whole thing, we promise we love you enough not to lie about this — which might be the single-best invention ever created.

Described as the “the next-generation modular retro game console,” by California-based tech company Playmaji, the Polymega is capable of playing every single title from NES, SNES, Genesis, Neo Geo, Sega CD and even PlayStation. Talk about some lethal diversity, huh?

According to Maxim, here’s how the Polymega’s capable of doing all of this.

The system uses “Hybrid Emulation” and a series of interchangeable interfaces called “Element Modules” to run almost any mass-produced format on original controllers. Games can then be downloaded directly to a library, eliminating the need for physical copies of cartridges of CD-ROMs

Oh, and besides the fact that the Polymega can play all those old school games, it also does so in high-definition, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy shooting that damn laughing dog from Duck Hunt in the face with pristine clarity. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Unfortunately, other than the details we currently have, there’s not much we know about the Polymega — like a release date or price. However, that doesn’t mean we’re any less enthusiastic about the gaming console that will, no doubt, have thousands of gamers lining up for once it does hit shelves. So, stay tuned for more from us as we get more info, or head on over to Polymega’s official website for more info.

(H/T Maxim)