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I’ve been thinking about trying out Twitch again. However, before jumping back in I think it would be good to check out some other streamers and see how they do things. Obviously, that’s not just an excuse to check out the hottest girls on Twitch…

Twitch is a popular streaming channel for watching gamers play. Recently they have launched their IRL section, moving away from purely gaming streams. They also have a dedicated Creative section. It’s a great way to expand on their platform, moving away from being completely gaming focused whilst still being able to include those in the gaming community.

I thought it would be fun to look at popular streamers and see what they’re doing. This went from looking at popular streamers to simply looking at hot girls on Twitch. Well, you can’t blame me, right?


Known for getting drunk and dancing, Alinity does actually stream a lot of gaming content. She has all the markings of a great female streamer. Low cut tops, short shorts, cats, and lots of energy. You can watch lots of her videos on youtube if you don’t manage to catch her online. You can actually learn a lot about games she plays if you catch her in a gaming session. But her dance sessions are also really fun to watch, it’s win-win!


If girls with cats aren’t your thing, CinCinBear has a dog. She also has a lot of tank tops. Rocking the rock-chick look, she can be very excitable and emotive with her face. She plays a lot of team games, and if you watch her stream enough, you’ll definitely see her jiggle her boobs around playfully. I’m quite envious of her figuring collection, and she’s a well-known cosplayer.


ZombiUnicorn is pretty well known amongst the “hottest girls on Twitch” lists. Her iconic pink hair, alternative style and tattoos have made her stand out. Her streams get very loud and her youtube channel is also pretty popular.


Half Chinese and half German, this girl definitely won the gene pool lottery. Her make-up is completely on point as well. She mostly plays League of Legends, and is an absolute pro at it. However, she’s taken and talks about her boyfriend quite often. That being said, she’s still adorable and worth looking out for.


Another well-known cat loving gamer girl, DizzyKitten AKA Dizzy is a popular streamer known for playing a huge variety of games. She’s also known for being a cosplayer, has a huge plushie collection and also does collaborations. She’s even met CinCinBear and streamed together with her. Her collaborations with other female streamers often involve a lesbian kiss at some point.

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  • Sent you a tweet on this, but I think your sister more then you would like @OfficialRinnieR on twitter who has a Twitch channel dancing to Kpop songs and streaming games.

    For fellow active & former NSFW camgirls on Twitch you have xme0wx & alanaevans.
    For geek girls you have ErikaIshii, stefwoodburn & trishahershberger, there are soooo many from HyperRPG & GeekAndSundry

    Also to note, many of the Expo’s and Conferences will have Twitch streams, like starting June 30th through 4th of July weekened you can watch AnimeExpo

  • julian.thejackofalltrades

    Don’t forget the Swedish CS pros from Team Secret Julia “juliano” Kiran and Zainab “zAAz” Turkie ^^
    Maybe not as distractingly stunning as for example Cincinbear but yet beautiful women and very good gamers!