With Thanksgiving weekend coming up already, which is crazy to think about, it’s time to make plans with family and friends, celebrate traditions and cozy up with some bourbon — well, for one day, anyway. Since the rest of the weekend will probably include lots of laying around, we figured it’s the perfect time to watch some of the best anime shows on some of our favorite streaming services.

We’ve got a hunch that you’re like us and love anime, so instead of wasting your time watching holiday movies that you’ve already seen a bunch of times, change up your Thanksgiving weekend this year with some of the best anime shows streaming right now. And you thought the weekend would be a waste, huh?

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo - Trailer

Fun and action-packed, Samurai Champloo has incredible characters who the audience can really get behind and relate to. Thanks to talented voice actors who present waitress Fuu, the ronin Jin and vagabond Mugen to life, these characters are full of attitude that make this a high energy show. If you don’t think it’s one of the best anime shows ever, you need to check your pulse.


Official Trigun Trailer

What makes Trigun one of the best anime shows is the commitment from the voice actors, who make the entire plot a little bit more believable. Sure, it might be anime, but it does make a serious difference when you have talented people doing the voices — as we all know. While Vash the Stampede might be a giant dork and a klutz, he comes across as a total badass thanks to the edge his voice actor presents, which then allows his goofy side to come out, too.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Official Trailer

All of these anime shows are amazingly dubbed, but Cowboy Bebop seems to be one that most viewers think of first when it comes to high quality voice actors that deliver an awesome experience. Whether it’s Faye’s sassiness or Spike Spiegel’s husky voice, what Cowboy Bebop does is make a wild cast of bounty hunters truly come to life. By the end of watching this show, you’ll forever be a big fan.

Prison School

Prison School - Official Trailer

If you like your anime to be raunchy, you’re in luck, because Prison School is one of the steamiest mainstream anime shows to ever hit mainstream — but it’s also pretty damn funny, too. The entire plot seems pretty ridiculous, with the characters being male students who are forced to stay in “jail” at their own school, but the voices make it all come together in a playful and fun way.