Gaming is one of those hobbies that is an acquired taste, we all know that. So, while you’ve been playing video games ever since you were younger, your girlfriend might not share the same kind of interest, basically leaving the room anytime you sit in front of your PC, laptop or gaming console. But it doesn’t have to be that way, guys.

For those guys who are trying desperately to get their girl into gaming, the holidays might be the perfect situation to do so. We’re not talking about dropping a bunch of not-so-subtle hints on your girlfriend that you want her to start playing, but, instead, talk to her about why it’s important for you that she at least kind of enjoy gaming, and then slowly start getting her into it.

Sure, your girl would much rather be spoiled with other gifts like clothes, fancy dinners, flowers or jewelry this Christmas, presumably, but getting her into a hobby like gaming should be something you want to do, too, so here’s how to maneuver it into happening.

Approach the gaming topic beforehand

Prior to going out and spending a bunch of money on gaming gear that your girl might not like, make sure you talk to her ahead of time about how deep she wants to actually get into gaming. If she’s been resistant in the past, she may put up a similar wall while you talk to her this time, too, so make sure to listen to why she might not be interested in the first place and try to show her why gaming can be such a fun hobby.

Avoid putting any pressure on her whatsoever, because that’s a surefire way of leaving her sour about gaming, which will, most likely, just drive her away from even entertaining the thought. Much like you’d prefer her not just assume you’ll be OK being into a hobby she likes — like shopping or yoga — you shouldn’t do the same when it comes to introducing her to gaming.

Ease her into gaming slowly

OK, now that she’s shown some desire to take up gaming, it’s your chance to dumb it down for her a little bit. This means you need to treat her like she is; a rookie! The last thing you should do is try to drop a bunch of knowledge or geeky speak on her, making her feel inferior and embarrassed that she doesn’t understand what you’re saying or describing.

Try suggesting certain games for her that she might like based off her interests. For instance, if she loves fantasy, you might want to give her some really in-depth role-playing options. Of, if she’s one of those girls who likes strategy, consider some of the gaming options there for her to do that involves puzzles or planning.

While gaming with her, be patient

You’re not just going to drop gaming on her and expect her to just pick it up and become a pro, so this is going to test your patience, guys. We all know of a few games available that are great for beginner gamers, but make sure you suggest something that she’ll be interested in, as mentioned above.

Another thing to remember is to choose a game that can be multiplayer, so that the two of you can take on gaming together, so that you’re not competing against one another. She’s going to feel a little intimidated just sitting down and playing right away, so it’s on you to sort of hold her hand through all of this, reminding her that nobody just picks it up overnight.

Decide on what gaming gear is most appropriate for her as a beginner

Whether you’re gifting her some hand-me-down gaming gear that you still have, or are looking to spend a few bucks on new gaming equipment so that she can have the latest stuff, it’s on you to decide what you think she’ll need to get going. We definitely don’t recommend spending a bunch on her, because she may not like gaming as much as you think or hope, so we’d hate to see you waste money in the end.

But the fact that your girlfriend is even showing an interest in gaming is sexy, so remember that, to be successful in sharing this hobby together, you need to treat it as if you, too, are just picking it up, and that you won’t be condescending or laugh at her. This will only help grow your relationship, so long as you allow it and play your cards right.