News of sex-robots is everywhere right now. The media seem to think we will all be having sex with robots in the future. And there’s no doubt that sex-robots opens up all sorts of possibilities that were just not available before. The most fun one being the ability to have a sex-robot clone of your favourite celebrity. This intrigued me so I polled over 500 men to find out which celebrities would make the most popular sex-robots. Here are the top 10 celebrity sex-robots with the full list below.

10. Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke from HBO's hit show Game of Thrones

Despite Game of Thrones being the most popular TV show in the world, British actress Emilia Clarke only made it to number 10 in our list. Perhaps we’re all suffering collective over-exposure to the Mother of Dragons’ boobs?

Still the idea of owning a Kalisy sex-bot appeals to many, including us. We’ve all drooled over cosplayers rocking this look at Comicon but they’re never look half as good as Emilia. Hell, most don’t even have an authentic English accents.

Can you imagine the role-play potential of the Daenerys robo-lover? She’d never make the stupid mistake of leaving her lover Daario in Meereen!

Pornstar Riley Reid9. Riley Reid

Known for her innocent college girl looks and hyper-sexual energy, Riley Reid has taken the adult industry by storm since her debut in 2011 at the age of just 19.

A big fan favourite with who seems to win more awards every year, Riley’s popularity shows not sign of fading anytime soon. So it’s easy to see why she’s so high on our list and beating many celebrities.

Let’s just hope the Robo-Riley isn’t as devilish as the real girl or you might have trouble taking her out in public. She once told Adult DVD Talk “I just blew my Uber driver because I wanted to. [laughs] I was like why not? I’m just this wild person.”

Taylor Swift8. Taylor Swift

Country pop darling Taylor Swift is 8th on our celebrity sex-doll list. Famed for her random acts of loveliness as much as her music or looks.

We’re pretty sure her reluctance to exploit her sexuality the way many female popstars do is part of what makes us crave seeing more of her. Sometimes less really is more.

Swift’s mix of wholesomeness and sexiness is hard to resist. A Swiftbot is bound to fly of the shelves and may end up the hands of more men than Taylor herself. #PerfectSwiftmassGift

Kate Upton ice lolly7. Kate Upton

Model, actress, social media expert and boobilicious magazine cover queen. Men and women everywhere love Kate Upton for promoting a more relatable bodytype.

She’s sexier and curvier than most models but we suspect it’s her approachable down-to-earth nature that makes her the highest ranked model on this list.

If we owned a Kate Upton sex-robot we’d probably keep her in the office just to teach us dorky dance moves. At Harriet Sugarcookie we love dorky dance moves!

Hitomi Tanaka huge boobs6. Hitomi Tanaka

We’re so happy Hitomi made the list. She’s our favourite Japanese adult video star and also a good friend of Harriet Sugarcookie since we met her at the AVN Awards in 2016.

Hitomi Tanaka is known for her gigantic 32N natural boobs and for being a gravure model before switching up to porn.

At Harriet Sugarcookie we’d love to get our hands on a Hitomi Tanaka sex-robot. Our only worry is the cost. It’s gonna take a heck of a lot of silicon to make that love-bot’s body!

Asa Akira smiling5. Asa Akira

Of course Asa Akira is the highest rated pornstar on this list. She’s the one active pornstar that everyone knows. And one of the few to cross over into mainstream media with her popular book, podcast and other appearances.

With her mad sex skills, intelligence and quick witted daring personality it’s no wonder she made it into the top 5 celebrity sex-robots.

Asa is also our highest ranked Asian girl as well as being the only girl on this list who’s sex doll you can buy today. Half the work has already been done, now we’re just waiting for robo-Asa.

Jessica Alba4. Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba has regularly been topping “most beautiful” or “world’s sexiest” lists for more than a decade.

Jessica’s had so many iconic sexy movie roles we would struggle to pick a favourite outfit for our Jessica sex-bot. Being geeks we’d probably alternate between the Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm and Sin City’s Nancy Callahan.

We just hope that when they do release a Jessica Alba sex-robot that they can copy her brain too. Jessica is a smart business women and co-founded The Honest Company, a consumer goods business with a $1.7 dollar valuation. Let’s get these sex-robots working for us!

Selena Gomez3. Selena Gomez

A sex-bot clone of Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber won’t be the only name on the pre-order list! Selena is the typical wholesome Disney star all grown up and trying to shake off her good girl image.

She’s doing a pretty good job of it too, if the lyrics in her Revival album are to be believed. This will be one sex-robot that can’t keep her hands to herself!

If we had a Robo-Gomez we’d use her primarily to up our photo game. Selena is the undisputed Queen of Instagram with over 124 million followers.

Emma Watson2. Emma Watson

Emma Watson has managed to capture the hearts of a whole generation of boys without needing to use any Amortentia potion. If you have a crush on her, you’re certainly not in the minority whose wands she’s raised.

Emma Watson lives up to her Hermione character quite well, being a feminist campaigner as well as book fairy.

But you know what they say, the liberian types are always the most wild in bed! Emily Robotson would definitely have some kinky stuff programmed on in, it is, after all, modeled after a girl who ran around dungeons defeating giant snakes.

Scarlett Johansson1. Scarlett Johansson

It just had to be Scarlett, didn’t it? Everything about her has always exuded sexiness. Men allover the world have fallen in love with Johansson in so many ways. Whether they’ve pined for the vulnerable girl from Lost in Translation or gone weak at the knees over her sexy voice in Her.

Scarlett Johansson has built a career on her awesome sex appeal so it’s only fitting that men want to build a sex-robot out of it. What’s amazing is that one man has already had a go at it.

Johansson is a big favourite here at Harriet Sugarcookie too so it’s hard to disagree with our winner. This year we saw her play a robot in Ghost in the Shell, we can’t wait for the day when we can order a sex-robot to play Scarlett.

Full results

1) Scarlett Johansson, Actress, American – age 32


2) Emma Watson, Actress, British – age 27


3) Selena Gomez, Singer / Actress, American – age 25


4) Jessica Alba, Actress, American – age 36


5) Asa Akira, Pornstar, American – age 31


6) Hitomi Tanaka, Pornstar, Japanese – age 31


7) Kate Upton, Model, American – age 25


8) Taylor Swift, Singer, American – age 27


9) Riley Reid, Pornstar, American – 26


10) Emilia Clarke, Actress, American – 30


11) Sofia Vergara, Actress / Model, Colombian-American – 45


12) Angelina Jolie, Actress, American – age 42


13) Gal Gadot, Actress / Model, Israeli – age 32


14) Christina Hendricks, Actress, American – age 42


16) Monica Bellucci, Actress / Model, Italian – age 52


17) Kristen Stewart, Actress / Model, American – age 27


18) Rihanna, Singer, Barbadian – age 29


19) Kate Middleton, Wife of Prince William, British – age 35


20) Amber Heard, Actress, American – age 31


21) Beyoncé Knowles, Singer, American – 35


22) Lisa Ann, Pornstar, American – 45


23) Nigella Lawson, Food Writer / Broadcaster, British – age 57


24) Kim Kardashian, TV Personality / Model, American – age 36


25) Abella Danger, Pornstar, American – age 21


26) Melania Trump, First Lady, Slovenian – age 47


27) Andreja Pejić, Model, Australian – age 25


28) Hillary Clinton, Politician, American – age 69


Many others were voted for but didn’t get enough votes to make the list. Including big names like: Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, Natalie Portman and Salma Hayek.