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In this week’s video blog Harriet Sugarcookie explains why you probably have herpes, how she’s now going to the gym and she examines inter-political relationships i.e. could you date a Trump supporter.

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  • MattGeek

    Thanks Harriet. =)

  • mrrico

    Very brave to bring up this topic. HSV is completely overblown and the stigmata of having it forces many people to not talk about it.

  • julian.thejackofalltrades

    I completely agree Harriet ^^
    First of, A relationship that falls on which candidate you vote for or not is probably done for anyway. It all comes down to how openminded and obejctive you can be.. If you try to force your own statements and views onto the one you “love”, you simply does not love him/her for who he/she is. Of course you can state your opinion and try to give another prespective but not pursuade the other.
    This is where the old slogan “I resent what you speak of, but i would die for your right to speak about it” comes back to life.

    Furthermore. I respect that you mention Herpes. Most ppl think it is discusting and so did i before. But 8 years ago my ex wife, but then newly gf, said she started to get strange marks downstairs. I have never gotten anything strange in my whole life. First i thought she was cheating. I double checked STDs and results came out negative. Then i found out Herpes needed a special appointment since it doesn’t belong to the “dangerous” STDs, even though it is incurable.
    Turned out, i have probably had Type 2 since my first gf back as a teenager.
    I learned that herpes can almost only have outbreaks when in contact with a herpes outbreak or if the immune system is weak, like when we catch a cold or get gravely injured. That is why i never noticed it. Because i have a great immune system. My ex on the other hand, had a very low immune system. That is why she got marks and outbreaks so easily. i think i read somewhere that 1 out of 10 has type 2 without knowing it and 1 out of 3 has type 1 without knowing it. And the number keeps growing because no one knows if they have it or not and it is so stigmatic to talk about.
    If i knew Herpes didn’t get completely protected with condoms when i was a teen, id force my first gf to go take a test, so i would at least know what might be coming. This shit needs to get better informed in schools, even though it isn’t a dangerous STD it is still a lifelong STD. -.-
    Cheers! / Julian from Sweden

  • paolo ravanelli

    I stumbled on your video by some odd luck. Haha
    And the only thing i could tell myself is : wow
    An Asian Girl with a british accent. : The two sexist thing that ever existed. Haha

    Ps: No disrespect whatsoever.