Cinderella Escorts claim to auction girls’ virginity for millions of dollars and have some escorts making $9k a night

  • The virgin auctions are allegedly a faked publicity stunt. The virgin sales allegedly NEVER happen. Their escort profiles are also fake, many found to be working seedy Greek brothels.
  • Cinderella Escort uses the publicity from mainstream media to lure girls in a sex trafficking scam claims sources
  • After being charged fees by the brothels the girls make less than €25 per client
  • Allegedly the entire sex trafficking scam is run by Alexandros Kallinikidis using the alias “Jan Zakobielski” claim our sources.
Cinderella Escorts claim Anna Makes £9 000 per night as an escort

Cinderella Escorts claim Anna Makes £9 000 per night as an escort

Girls are selling their virginity for up to $2,000,000 through “Germany’s biggest escort agency”. That’s what Forbes, The Sun and even This Morning are telling you anyway. However, our sources claim Cinderella Escorts does not give the girls lured to them happy endings. Instead, they believe that the girls are unknowingly made complicit in the promotion of an alleged sex-trafficking scheme.

A girl whose virginity is sold to the highest bidder, buyers ranging from Premier League footballers to Hollywood A-listers. Another girl who makes 9k a night sleeping with her Hollywood Star “sugardaddy”. Pornstars, Playmates and Penthouse pets all on their books. Welcome to Cinderella Escorts, self-proclaimed “Most famous agency in the world.”

And they might well be the most famous. They’re certainly the most written about. However, the mainstream media have seemed to have failed to do their homework and with each new article about million dollar virgin sales, they could be promoting and legitimising an alleged human sex trafficking scheme.

The setup

Our sources say Alexandros Kallinikidis runs Cinderella Escorts

Our sources say Alexandros Kallinikidis runs Cinderella Escorts

Jan Zakobielski is the supposed man behind Cinderella Escorts. Aged 27, lives in Dortmund, Germany. Photos of “Jan” have appeared in media before, but our sources have claimed that’s not the man behind the scheme. Nor do they believe that his name is even Jan Zakobielski.

Our sources claim he is called Alexandros Kallinikidis, a Greek man who uses various aliases online. He is not the fat, greasy looking man that has appeared in papers, who our sources believe is simply an employee of Kallinikidsis. Instead sources point us to a sleek, good-looking guy whose social media posts often shows him with luxurious cars, yachts, etc. 

“Girls are constantly trying to contact him about working opportunities.”  Explains Aleexandra Kefren to us in a recent interview.

Kefren is one of the girls previously used in the promotion of Cinderella Escorts and was interviewed on This Morning

“I got hundreds of messages from girls asking how to contact the agency and work for them. Cinderella Escorts told me to send them to them.”

Our sources also claim that Kallinikidis spends a lot of time calling girls as well. It seems the majority of his time is spent in the recruitment stage.

Our sources explain how they believe Kallinikidis runs his operation.

“First, Kallinikidis asks for photos from the girls. Then he calls straight away, whether it’s 2pm or 2am – he always wants to call.” Tells Lauren, a girl who felt she was tricked by Alexandros Kallinikidis to work in a brothel in Athens last year.

This starts the time pressure tactic that we believe is pivotal to his alleged scam.

How mainstream media is used to trick girls into the sex trafficking scheme

Lauren says “He sent me links to these articles about his agency and told me I had to read them before talking further.” She explains that she just thought it was a way for her to learn more about the agency. But looking back, it really hooked her on the promises that were made. She continued that she thought if these girls could become rich, so could she.

The articles are a crucial part for setting up this alleged scam operation. Because they come from reputable publication, many girls feel that makes Cinderella Escorts  reputable too. Since you can trust newspapers, surely you can then trust the agency.

Anna from Cinderella Escorts doesn't make anywhere near £9 000 per night

Anna’s publicity stunt makes girls believe they can earn £9 000 per night. The reality is she works in a cheap Athen’s brothel

The girls also see these articles as proof of the success of other girls. They see it as proof that they can make thousands of dollars, have luxurious lifestyles and even meet A-List celebrities.

Cinderella Escort has an entire section dedicated to their mainstream press coverage on their website.

Stephany, a girl who came forward to us and we asked her about her experience with Cinderella Escorts after we found through online forums, explained to us that it  really felt like Cinderella Escorts were a trusted brand. It’s like having an “approved by so-and-so badge” she describes of the articles written about the agency.

If a girl Googles “Cinderella Escort scam” she finds the articles about their success dominating the first page. These articles rank so highly, that it takes a lot more scrolling before you find anything that questions the legitimacy of Cinderella Escorts.

Forums such as Reddit have threads from users asking about the legitimacy of the agency, but these threads are not easily found without going through several pages of Google first.

18 year old virgin auctioned by Cinderella Escorts

Another publicity stunt: we found supposed virgin Kim working in sleazy Athen’s brothel

The dangling carrot

Kallinikidis allegedly gives the girls three options on how they can work with Cinderlella Escorts. His fast-paced talking apparently promises them riches and luxuries, the amount of information going in quickly without pause to give the girls time to really dwell on anything.

It all sounds so exciting and glamorous. So within their reach.None of our sources reported to have experienced anything like the options he had promised them over the phone.

“Of course I wasn’t a virgin. I’ve done escorting before in Europe. So the first thing he offered me was to be a high-end escort. He talked about this other girl, she’s been in the newspapers and she makes £9 000 a night. He said I could do that. I would meet clients all over the world, Los Angeles, London, everywhere.” Lauren explains to us that as she was on the phone with Kallinikidis, she was also scrolling through Cinderella Escort’s website and the articles on them.

“It sounded strange. Something was weird. But I trusted him. All these articles were saying the same thing, how this girl made £9 000 a night. But it’s all lies, because when I was working in the brothels, I was her sometimes. She’s on the brothel’s website! She was making €100 per client, which was double what I was, but she wasn’t making anywhere near £9 000.”

Alicia found out about Cinderella Escorts from a fellow sex worker friend. She too described promises made of sugardaddies and £9 000 a night escort gigs.

“But he also talked about these big celebrity sex parties. He was talking about making $100k from doing them. There wasn’t much detail, I assumed because of privacy issues. But I remember being so impressed, because he talked about celebrities like George Clooney and Christiano Ronaldo being clients. He was dropping all these names of actors and footballers.”

“There’s always the non sex option too” claims Alicia. “I’d never done sex work before, but my friend had, and I told Jan this, and he told me I didn’t even have to have sex. He said there’s a dominatrix option, and he would provide a dominatrix to train me.”

It doesn’t matter which option the girls are interested in. All that matters is that they’re hooked onto something. All of our sources claim that Kallinikidis  plays up the money, the lifestyle and the glamour. He seems to dangles a carrot and paints a picture of the perfect lives these girls desperately want.

It’s incredibly important that the girls read the articles because they back up any promises Kallinikidis makes.

The catch

Once he has a girl hooked, it’s time for the catch. Our sources claim Kallinikidis explained to them that they needed to prove themselves first because his clients are VIPs.

“He needs to make sure you’re good enough and that you won’t damage his reputation alleged,” said Stephanie. She explained how he downplayed the situation, backtracked on €30 000 a month promise and downgrading it to €10 000 while they were on their “work experience” – a term Kallinikidis uses himself.

Our sources claim that after they agreed to work with Cinderella Escorts, Kallinikidis  pushed them to book next day flights to Athens. With this method, the girls would be unable to think over their decision and would not have time to back out.

“I had to book my own flight to Athens and it had to be the next day.” Lauren claims, and stories from all the other girls we reached out to echo agreements. Our sources claim if a girl at this point shows doubts, Kallinikidis will ramp up the pressure, get angry, employ guilt tactics on them, anything to get them on a flight to Athens.

The message Kallinikidis sends all girls from a fake client

The message Kallinikidis sends girls from a fake client

The fake client

If a girl is still unsure he’ll play his final card. A few days or a week after the initial pitch, Kallinikidis will call or message the girl back.

“I have already a client for you. He was interested from first time you applied.” Kallinikidis texts them. The text is copy and pasted as all of our sources showed us.

“He want to book for 1 week miami for 30,000 euro.” He continues in his text.

He then gives the girl a different number to contact. This is a huge red flag, as most escort agencies would never give client and models direct contact with each other since they could then cut out the agency from any arrangements made.

Many girls will text the number given. The new number explains how he he a Mexican businessman that wants to take the girl to Miami for a week, he’ll pay her €30 000 for the week. But he doesn’t want to come empty-handed. Instead, he would like it if the girl could pick out a nice outfit, he sends them links to designer brands.

Kallinikidis' fake client gets girls dreaming of riches

Kallinikidis’ fake client gets girls dreaming of riches

“You could choose 7 different outfits because we are traveling 7 Days.” reads the text, again a copy and pasted message received from all of our sources.

“From Bag like Louis Vuitton to Dress from Chanel, Louboutin Heels and Underwear Agent Provocateur. Something like that.”

The English grammar style is suspiciously similar to Kallinikidis’ own texts, as well as the grammar style used on Cinderella Escort’s website.

These texts from the businessman show classic selling tactics, it’s getting the girls to already start living the fantasy. Visualising this amazing lifestyle makes it feel so much closer to reach. All the time Kallinikidis continues to try to get the girl to fly to Athens ASAP.

Arriving in Athens

Our sources claim that once they have booked their flights, Kallinikidis provides the rest. There’s accommodation, and a club to work in. The girls work every night or day depending on the shift.

The described setup by our sources reveal tactics that would help keep the alleged scam a secret, and stop girls sharing information with each other. Firstly girls are put into different apartments. There’s several, with maybe 3-4 girls per apartment. The girls that are tricked are never put in the same apartments.

Alicia claims there are five “clubs” aka brothels. She told us that a lot of the girls at these clubs seem to be working for the brothels regularly and willingly and have not been tricked. We don’t know the ratio of willing to alleged trafficked sex workers.

It appears that each brothel runs two shifts, one in the daytime and one overnight. Our sources believe girls who have been tricked are not sent to the same brothel on the same shift. Sarah explains that they also work in different brothels on different nights, so the faces of the other girls they meet are constantly changing.

On top of that, Kallinikidis allegedly uses various tactics to make the girls hostile to each other: He explains to the tricked girls that the other girls are just normal prostitutes. She alone is “special” and she’s only here temporarily. If the other girls know she’s only on trial and actually has a VIP client waiting to whisk her away they’ll get jealous of her and treat her really badly, so it’s better not to let them know.

Sarah also claims he explains to the girls who work for him normally that the new girls that come through are there to take their spot and thus he encourages them to be distant and suspicious of each other.

Inside the brothels

The brothels it seems are not fancy VIP clubs as Kallinikidis had promised our sources over the phone. They describe small rooms with red lighting throughout. The brothels themselves seem somewhat infamous within Athens.

The girls are made to get their own taxis from the apartment to the brothels for their shifts. A taxi driver warned Lauren about her destination, “‘Don’t go there, that is a bad place’ he told me.”

Once inside, the girls claim they are treated as any other prostitute inside the brothel. They are told that each client pays €50. The brothel takes 50%. That means the girls that are allegedly lured to Athens by Cinderella Escorts end up working in brothels making €25 per client. Alicia explained they can often end up seeing 8 guys a night.

However, they don’t finish the night with €200. On top of the brothel’s cut, the girls are allegedly charged fees for their accommodation, cleaning and even security whilst working, and Kallinikidis himself takes an extra €50 per girl per shift. Lauren claims she ended up owing the brothel and Cinderella Escorts money after their shifts, and thinks she wasn’t the only girl in that sort of situation because of the fees placed on her.

The girls explain the clients don’t give them the money directly. Rather each client seems to pay the brothel, and the brothel pays the girls at the end of the night, they claim. If there is anything left to pay the girls that is Lauren adds. There’s no way for the girls to confirm how much a client was actually charged for sex with her.

John Kallinikidis removes the condom and ejeculates inside sex workers without consent say our sources

Our sources say John Kallinikidis removes his condom and ejaculates inside sex workers without consent

Dangerous Situations

The girls can often end up in dangerous situations.

Lauren claimed that a client took off his condom during sex, and ejaculated into her without her consent. Despite reporting it to the brothel, the case was completely ignored. It’s alleged several girls have had this exact same experience of non-consensual bareback sex and ejaculation with the same client.

When Lauren told Kallinikidis he shrugged it off she claims. He allegedly tells the girls it’s no problem, that they can just get the contraceptive pill. There seems to be no concern for the non-consensual nature of the act, even though for many stealthing is considered akin rape.

Lauren also claims that other girls working in the brothels had the same experience with the same client. That specific client has been identified by several girls to us as who we suspect is Alexandros Kallinikidis’s own family member, John Kallinikidis.

Leaving the brothels

Many of the trafficked girls claim they realise that they’re being used. Many hate the situation they have been put into, realising that the fortune and luxury described to them isn’t happening.

Of course, Kallinikidis allegedly continues to insist to the girls they are still on a trial period and reminds them of the client who will soon take them to Miami for a week and that they’ll be paid €30 000 for it.

Kallinikidis allegedly also gets angry if the girls bring up the subject of the trial period or the client. Other times our sources say he speaks sweetly to them. It seems he’ll say anything to delay them leaving.

Girls can leave, and many have once they realise they have been scammed. By that time however they have already allegedly worked in the brothel for little to no money, some allegedly leaving despite being told they “owe” the brothels money for the various fees.

Our sources claim it doesn’t matter so much to Kallinikidis, who already has new girls ready to replace them. He does, after all, have hundreds of girls contacting him for a job opportunity with Cinderella Escorts, and the cycle starts all over again.

Aleexandra Kefren admitted the virginity sale was a publicity stunt

Aleexandra Kefren admitted the virginity sale was a publicity stunt

Fake Virgins

Cinderella Escorts is probably most famously known for auctioning girl’s virginity for millions of dollars, to businessmen as well as celebrities.

We have a full interview with Aleexandra Kefren, the girl who appeared on This Morning to promote the auction of her virginity, telling us that it was completely fake and used as a publicity stunt.

In the interview with us, she explains that she was auctioned off, that there was no bidder and that she made no money from the stunt.

The real problem is that since then Kallinikidis has had so much publicity that real virgins have been contacting the agency. Kefren confirmed that she had hundreds of girls contacting her personally to try and work with Cinderella Escorts.

Going forward with the police

Although we have reputable claims that Alexandros Kallinikidis is the man that runs Cinderella Escorts and is the one that allegedly calls and lures the girls to the brothels in Athens, there are many other factors we are still unable to confirm.

We do not know if he owns the brothels being used in the sex trafficking operation. Many of our sources have claimed that at least one other member of his family visits the brothels regularly and committed a serious crime.

Although we do not know the exact number of girls that have fallen victim to his alleged scheme, all of our sources believe that it’s in the hundreds. There is evidence of girls trying to contact Cinderella Escorts every day, which you can find publicly on social media.

Every time a newspaper writes an article about the “successes” of Cinderella Escorts they are promoting the alleged sex trafficking operations and leading more innocent girls to it.

All of our sources are girls who were lucky enough to have had the money needed to leave the brothels. We have changed their names to protect their privacy in this article

Some of our sources, however, continue to fear for their safety. They have been incredibly brave to speak to us and to help investigate and gain the testamony and evidence we need to send to the police and expose Cinderella Escort’s alleged sex trafficking scam.

We contacted Cinderella Escorts for a response but they declined to comment on the allegations.