If you haven’t heard of Cinderella Escorts, you’ve probably heard of their sex industry exploits. They’ve been featured in top newspapers, magazines and even on TV. Their unique selling point? Selling virginities to the highest bidder.

I first heard of Cinderella Escorts when Aleexandra Kefren’s story went viral. She was selling her virginity and was doing a press tour to drum up interest in the auction.

Like most people, I was sucked in by the story. Kefren said she was selling it for a minimum of 1 million US dollars. She is pretty and the story raises so many interesting moral questions and really makes you wonder if you could do that in her position. But something never quite added up about Cinderella Escorts and all their too-good-to-true publicity.

Cinderella Escorts don’t advertise to men

To be successful, escort agencies need to market to two groups of people. Potential escorts and potential clients. We searched escort portals for Cinderella Escort’s listings. They’re suspiciously absent.

For those unfamiliar with the how escort agencies work. The market is unregulated in most countries and is littered with fake agencies which scam wanna-be male and female escorts with the promise of lots of clients and money; but only after they pay an agency joining fee or pay for photos.

Usually, these agencies are easy to spot as they don’t advertise to clients. They put all their effort into finding new escorts. And that’s how it looks with Cinderella Escorts. Where do all their clients come from if they don’t advertise in any escort marketplaces?

Of course, it could be that Cinderella Escorts have amazing connections but where would a 26-year-old in Dortmund, Germany get Hollywood and Premier League connections? This is a major red flag.

Celebrity escorts are fake

The great thing about working for a porn site is you know a lot of people. Cinderella Escorts has many of our pornstar friends listed on their site as celebrity escorts. So far every celebrity escort we have approached has never received a job from them and none could understand why they are still listed on their site, some say they never gave permission to be listed on the site at all.

Cinderella Escorts also claims to have several Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets, complete with front covers from magazines. However, these look fake to us. So far we have not been able to confirm that any of these girls work for Cinderella Escorts. They seem to be lifted from European editions of the magazines and they’ve generally selected girls with names that are difficult to track down on social media.

One Playboy model we contacted said that she had never worked for them and her profile was removed from the site shortly after.

At the time of writing, we are still waiting for a response from the only genuine celebrity listed on their site, Jenna Bentley, who they claim works in London rather than in California where her Twitter profile says she resides.

Are the virgin’s fake too?

Probably. We cannot find any updates about girls with successful auctions.

While the mum of another highly publicised virgin featured on the site, Lola from the Netherlands, warned other virgins that the advert was simply a joke between friends that Cinderella Escorts took advantage of.

Lola’s mother claims her daughter suffers from mental health problems and never should have been featured on the site. She claimed the site lured her daughter in and warned of their dubious business practices.

Zakobielski’s defended his site: “Do you get the impression that the girl in the video has psychological problems? I don’t think so.”

Which seems at best a naive and unsypathetic view of mental health. Cinderella Escorts claim to perform a psychological test before auctioning girls’ virginity. Surely, they could simply produce the results?

Our suspicion is that most or even all of the virgin auctions on the site are fake, ultimately virginity is not sold for millions of dollars. Confirmed virginity sales tend to be around the $10 000 – $32 000 level with the majority of bids over $1 million looking like obvious publicity stunts where the final meeting never happens.

The question is, what are Cinderella Escorts using the publicity for because none of the escorts we spoke to so far listed on their site received any client bookings whatsoever.

Have you worked for Cinderella Escorts? Are you a client? Did you sell your virginity with them? Tell us your story. Email us using the contact form here.